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20 thoughts on “basket

  1. jessie

    I wish to have the items signed by H.Bleher ,can that be done before shipping ?I wish to order BleherDiscus book #2 Hardbound and also discusbooks 01-02-03-04 and the free copy of Aquq Geo # 19 if this is all possible please tell me what is the best way so I can get the very best price.

    thank you Jessie

  2. mematrix

    I want this poster Cichlids VII but shipping to states is outrageous 53.34 US Dollar Is there a cheaper shipping option???

    Sincerely Curtis

  3. vm70

    I would like to buy Bleher’s biotope and the full collection Aqua Geographia. What would be the total shipping cost for Bucharest, Romania(cheapest option, e.g. registered post would be preferred)?

    1. rossella

      1 Bleher’s Biotopes = 89,00 Euro
      1 complete set aqua geographia (24 volumes) = 97,70 (in english language?)
      Shipping by mbag registered) = 39,98 Euro.
      If you confirm this order, please send me your address and telephone number.
      Payment by paypal, our account: or BANK TRANSFER.
      Inform me
      Best Regards

    1. rossella

      you order it has been sent.
      You will receive it within 5-6 days.

  4. Mingxin

    hi, i would like to check with you on your shipping charges.
    Shipping by courrier: €62.95
    Mbag-raccomandata: €27.50
    Mbag-economy: €18.50

    How long does it takes for them to reach singapore, if i choose each options available.
    thank you.

    1. Natasha Khardina

      Dear Dmitriy,

      sorry about this confusion. We will send You the book You have ordered (Bleher’s Discus, Vol.2 English) today, June 22.

      Best regards,
      Via G. Falcone 11 – 27010, Miradolo Terme (PV) Italy
      Tel./Fax: 0039 0382 754129

      Why not visit Heiko Bleher’s new official Website and Shop at
      and new web-site of aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology

  5. Krzysztof

    Good morning! On Facebook fanpage aquapress Bleher I see that there is a Christmas promotion with free shipping. Here, when I choose a parcel to Poland, I get a message saying that it is not possible and that I should contact you. Is it true that the promotion does not apply to countries that are outside the publisher’s borders?

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