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Biotope: This is a authentic biotope from the Nhamundá River. It was here that Heiko Bleher was able to discover for the first time in history Heckel Discus, no one knew before that Discus live in this river, no one had done any ichthyologic research in this river before him. The Heckel Discus here live along the edges in deeper waters among driftwood and fallen in trees. The river ground is covered by white and some gravel.

Fishes: Symphysodon discus, a very colourful population lives here, some (specially Alpha animals, are almost solid coloured in blue or greenish. They dwell with geophagine cichlids, mainly Acarichthys heckelii, Geophagus proximus, Satanoperca species, but also freshwater stingrays like Potamotrygon costellata.

Plants: no underwater plants can be found here only floating plants such as Pistia stratioites and in some areas large Echinodorus– species along the river edges.

Décor: fine white sand, which the freshwater stingrays need to dig into it, clean from bacteria and parasites and also to find food. The Discus need it to blow into it, also in search for food and the geophagine cichlids almost everyone knows are so called earth eaters and need it as well.

Water parameters: The pH was 4.5, conductivity around 9 µS/cm, and the temperature between 27.5- 29.0°C.

Sponsor: the aquarium, décor material, filter and heater were supplied by ZOO-ZAJAC, the Discus come from the original habitat, Hudson Crizanto had specially send fishermen to collect them in Brazil for Heiko Bleher; all other fishes were imported for this exhibition by Aquarium Dietzenbach for Heiko Bleher.








One can see the scratches on two of the 6 Heckel Discus, which healed very fast, those unfortunately happened because one of the driftwood pieces had a cramp in it. But all fishes loved their natural habitat. 

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