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Biotope: This is an authentic biotope from the Caburi region which is a northern small tributary of the Amazon River and the only location where Heiko Bleher was able to find Discus near lava stone. The decorated biotope shows the rivers edge during rising water (on the right hand-side) and the open water region. The biotope and Discus is he very same as shown on the cover of Bleher’s Discus volume 1.

Fische: Symphysodon haraldi, a Blue Discus population, one that can be found here with Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, Potamotrygon motoro, and several Cichlid species, like this beautiful Aequidens.

Plants: There is no submerse vegetation, only some floating plants like Eichhornia crassipes and along the edges grow Cyperus species.

Décor: The fishes dwell over fine white sand which the freshwater stingrays need to dig into it, clean from bacteria and parasites and also to find food. The Discus need it to blow into it, also in search for food.

Water parameters: The pH was 6.2, conductivity around 60 µS/cm, and the temperature between 28.5- 29.2 °C.

Sponsor: the aquarium, décor material, filter and heater were supplied by ZOO-ZAJAC, the Discus come from the original habitat, Hudson Crizanto had specially send fishermen to collect them in Brazil for Heiko Bleher; all other fishes were imported for this exhibition by Aquarium Dietzenbach for Heiko Bleher.






This biotope shows the extract of the side of this lake area – the edge (right side) and the open water (towards the left side).

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