Bleher’s Discus – Volume 1

Image Bleher’s Discus – The Monograph

An unsurpassed and comprehensive study of the genus Symphysodon.

Whether it was the Emperor Napoleon or Prince von Metternich who was responsible for the original discovery of the discus is something the reader himself must decide, but the rest of this more than 1200 pages work – brought in two parts – is far from ambivalent. In Volume 1 – containing around 3000 photos, paintings, and drawings, plus some 50 maps – Heiko Bleher first of all guides you through more than 150 years of discovery, documented in the finest detail. He brings to life all the scientists who have worked on the genus – with in part unpublished work and photos – and, after almost half a century of debate regarding the systematics of the genus, provides a new and easy-to-understand summary of the taxonomy. Next, the distribution of the genus and the individual species is shown practically down to the smallest igarapé or lago, on eight double-page maps. For the first time with precise details of water type, researched in the field. In the fourth chapter Bleher covers all the wild forms known to date (some hitherto unpublished) and their colour variants, in words and photos – the results of his more than 300 research and collecting expeditions.


Image  Image

Discus and typical biotope from Purus region (left). Fishes and biotopes from Coari region (right).

The locality data have been extensively checked in the field over the years up to 2005. In Chapter 5 he guides the reader through the history of Amazon – back to the time of its discovery – and tells extensively about the early history of the region and the numerous indian tribes (mainly personal experiences among the aborigins). In addition the natural habitats of the discus are described and illustrated, with water  parameters (measured by both day and night) given for 75 different locations; almost every major water in Amazon is mentioned at length, with details of which form(s) do or do not occur there; and places that remain unexplored to date are listed. He also details extensively – more than 80 pages – the diet of the discus in  nature, the communities of which it forms part (with sympatric species listed) and its enemies, as well as the various methods of capture used from the beginning to the present day.

Discus communities from Rio Xingu


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9 thoughts on “Bleher’s Discus – Volume 1

  1. Badanin Yuriy Post author

    Hi Heiko!
    Recently read your book “Bleher Discus vol. 1” translated Igor Sheremetyev. You did an incredible job!!! I was amazed at your book!
    Ukraine – 10 December 2012

  2. Vladimir Post author

    Heiko, good day!
    I got your book, “Discus-v.1” in Russian.
    Max Chumachenko sent me a book from Moscow
    Thank you so much!
    Your book is great!
    So much information, beautiful design
    From Nizhny Novgorod, Russia – 11 December 2012

  3. Users - comments Post author

    Chris I appreciate that. I wasn’t knocking your foods at all.. I own both Heiko Bleher discus books at considerable expense and have read both from cover to cover many times. The section in book one on discus diet is the best research material available and i fully understand the diets of all three species of discus. Although the diet im currently feeding my fish is not 100% true to nature i feel that it is far closer to the discus’s natural food source than beefheart based products.
    Steven Chester, UK – 20 July 2012

    Heiko, your book, Volume I, is most certainly a remarkable lifetime achievement, rich with history, research from public libraries and museums across the globe, maps, both recent and of the past that alone can be poured over for hours, beautiful drawings and diagrams, narrated throughout with your vast personal experiences that intertwine your life story with that of the mighty Amazon and its people and creatures. As I read it from cover to cover, with each day I become more excited over my upcoming return to the jungle! Ad has passed along your thoughts to Patrick and in turn Jordi. We thank you so much and look forward to visiting these locales! All my Best, and I so look forward to seeing you again on our return!
    Claudia Dickinson, Long Island, USA – 20 July 2012

    Dear Heiko,
    I received your books and the magazine in very good order.
    I can only imagine the amount of work and love that has gone into the books.
    The one regret I have is that I should have asked you to kindly autograph your books before sending to me.
    Hopefully, we will meet some time in the future and I will then request you to autograph the books.
    With warm regards
    Mathews Simon, USA – 04 May 2012

    I even been been reading Chapter 5 in Bleher’s Discus Vol 1 about nutrition I am very interested in this subject as for years I am fed with seeing over weight fishes. The information about detritus is eye opening and quite logical when you think about it. Detritus would that be a combination of broken down leaf litter, fish waste, waste food etc….I have a large internal sponge filter and my Rio Nannay Angels are always pecking at it and the the side of the tank. I am installing a new tank in my living room and want to do a true biotope.
    Alan Holt, UK, 5 January 2012

    Hi again…I have read your volume 1…..But it is a book you need to read more than once..So much information and detailed work…You are amazing me…. I guess you are a very intelligent person…I have always admire the German people for their skills and precision. I will for sure read your book more than one more time. Simpley because it is the best Discus book ever written..Thank you for that Heiko… I have said yes to join my Swedish friends…but really hope one day to join you in the Amazonas….Maybe in 2013??
    For your information I am only 39 years old..but I have taken the legacy from Dr. Smith Focke to continue breeding from wild…He is the biggest breeder of all time!!!
    Morten Garathun-Hansen, Norway, 15 November 2011

    yes i know what u mean i read volume 1 and learn a lot of wild discus its the best information i have read about discus indeed i mantain hibrid discus because thats the most you get around here I wanna import 20 heckel for my new tank.
    Fabian Molina, San Juan, Costa Rica, 31 July 2011

    I’ll buy vol. 2 from your website when you put it up for sale. I have yet to taste a Sacher-Torte cake. I will buy one to eat while reading vol. 2 to enjoy the full experience -:))
    On another note we all answer to the mighty call of economi…cs. If there is demand for bulldog discus then there will be breeders of these mutants.
    Michael Yuen, 10 February 2011

    Dear Heiko.
I would like to thank you for the fantastic books I bought last summer. They have so much information that is necessary to read several times.

I am expectant of the sale of “Bleher Discus II” in Spanish. Could you confirm when will it be?

 This afternoon I spoke with Juan Carlos Pascua (Spanish breeder) on the publication of “Bleher Discus II” and he would be very interested in buying multiple copies.

 Could indicate which would be the procedure?

 Once again, thank you. I hope to keep in touch.
    Javier Asurmendi, 01 February 2011, Spain

    Not at all Heiko, I hope it works and keep away Amanda from bad luck, and keep her health. Also your last book (discusbook) is perfect.
    Uygar Sanal, 25 January 2011, Ankara, Turkey

    Ah! I am engrossed in Volume 1! And the Discus Book 01 is brilliant. Maybe we can make it possible to retail them from my website. I adore your writing.
    Chris Englezou, 21 January 2011, London, UK

    Finally has Heiko Bleher ‘s Discus Volume 1 Book.. and cannot put it down! Amazing.
I 100% recommend this book.
    UK, 31 December 2010

    Still reading and feeding my baby fries, now 5 weeks. Thanks for inspiration ond a happy new year!
    Lar Roland Johansen, 31 December 2010, Sweden

    “thank you to accept me like friend ,i bougth “discus ‘s bleher tome 1″ during your trip in Belgium (bois d haine)….his book is great. Jerome.”
    Jérôme Becart, 22 December 2010, Brussels, Belgium

    Hi Heiko,
    I have received the book, thank you so much for taking the time to sign it for me, and for packing it so carefully, it arrived in perfect condition, and will take pride of place amongst my other books J It looks amazing, and I can’t wait for the second volume to eb released now!
    All the best.
    Tristan Briggs, 16 novembre 2010, Canberra ACT

    Good morning mr Bleher
    I received the book Saturday morning thankyou so much for signing it ,normally I go straight to the pictures but once I started reading I could not put it down ,the history is abs fascinating and as of now im at page 147 and cant wait to get home to carry on …
    Bruce Raymond, 01 November 2010, UK

    Thank you very much, he is very nice you. Please, my admiration reports to the Herr Heiko, towards his incredible works on the Amazonia and on the world of the fish Discus. Thanks to Heiko Bleher, the fans we know information that we were not knowing. Do not hesitate to notify the premiere of the book to me!.
    Best regards
    Ángel Arroba, 12 October 2010, Madrid, Spain

    Hallo Herr Heiko,
    The motive of my e-mail, it is to congratulate him on his incredible books on Discs, which, I have all. Would it want to comment on him for when Discus Bleher will go the new book, volume 2?.
    Best regards
    Ángel Arroba, 12 October 2010, Madrid, Spain

    Dear Heiko,
    Good to hear from you! Before I tell you more about our forthcoming Great Lakes expedition, I have to say that your book is absolutely marvelous and truly unique in all respects. Not only because of its definitive discussion of all aspects of the “King of the Amazon,” the “Discus,” but also for the extremely high quality of the illustrations and photographs, AND your excellent writing style that makes the book so interesting and easy to read. I have read almost all of Chapter One and have scanned and read bits and parts of Chapter Five, and the other Chapters as well. Your exceptional book truly deserves to be studied in detail, and that is what I intend to do during the months to come. I also look forward to seeing and examining my first “Discus” one day soon. One can readily understand just how one could become quite passionate about such a beautiful fish!
    Best regards
    Alfred S. McLaren, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Ph.D. Director and Senior Pilot Sub Aviator Systems LLC, 28 April 2010, Colorado – USA

    Heiko Bleher is one of the foremost fish biologists of our time. He still writes for publications such as Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. His research and books are amoung the best in the field. I was able to aquire a copy from a local pet store for thirty dollars. If you are into discus, this is one of the best works ever compliled about this beautiful fish. This isn’t a “how-to” book but a history of the discus fish as it has come to be so popular in the modern fish keeping hobby. Between Vol. 1 and 2, he basicly startes at the discovery of the “New World” and works forward. It is and amazing history of the “King of the aquaruim!” by B. Groovy, 24 March 2010, United Kingdom

    Over the years I’ve collected and read several books on discus, having been enchanted by these wonderful fish since the first time I saw one back in the late 70s. A few years back Heiko Bleher spoke at the FOTAS convention in Houston and I was fortunate to get a signed copy of Bleher’s Discus Vol. 1. I’ve never seen so much information about discus, especially compiled in one book. The studies of stomach contents has led me to rethink my approach to their feeding and to try new recipes in my home made foods. I consider this book a must read for all discus enthusiasts. It’s worth so much more than what I spent.
    Thank you, Heiko, for all the hard work.
    Wesleydunder, 24 March 2010, Texas City,Tx. – U.S.A.

    Now some thing about your book.
    I read taxonomy part again for better understanding and the other interesting thing i found is that you have covered history and origin of a culture that is if now I am reading chapter 4, the discus variants. Now i understand the kind of hard work you must have put it. I really respect your work and dedication. I want to come to Amazon for the expedition. I will be able to manage most of my airfare as i wud get concessional tickets on interline. I would be helped in planning things if you give me a brief explanation of the trip to Amazon. Wish you very best of health and prosperity. Mom just came in and blessings to Natasha from her side.
    With warm regards
    Tarun, 02 March 2010, New Delhi – India

    Mr. Bleher
    I enjoyed the interview that was presented on Frank Falcones web radio show. I have just finished reading Blehers Discus volume 1. The book taught me so much about not only Discus but South American fish in general. My success rate in spawning may species of Apistogramma and Pterophyllum is considerably better now. Frank is a close friend of mine and the interview you gave meant the world to him. I hope someday you might get to see his impressive fishroom.
    Thank You.
    Christian Moscare, 18 January 2010, USA

    I just bought this book (Blehers Discus vol 1) and I love it, thank you.
    Do you have any information regarding volume 2 and when it will be released?
    Par Svensson, 22 September 2009, Sweden

    Dearest Master!
    As I was carefully working my way through your big book, I found the name you can see in the title of this message and I thought… Now, who’s that guy then?
    As you may have found out on your travels, Hungarians turn up at the most unexpected places and I would be keen to find out how the one named Lorenzo got so far from the motherland. Would there be a way to contact him? Or shall I just catch the next boat from Manaus?
    I love your book to bits and my fish love me for being able to read it and give them what they need. I hope, that after Brian Middleton and Dirk Schlingmann I will be the next guy to raise some really incredible Xingú F1’s!
    Thanks again and all the best,
    Nandi, 09 September 2009, The shore of Lake Balaton, Hungaria, (maybe Lorenzo could read it) NanDiscus is offline

    Hello Heiko and thanks for sharing that, the report on your visit to Malaysia is very interesting.
    I greatly enjoyed reading your Volume 1 Discus book (or should I say Amazon book!) and look forward to the next. I hope you bring copies of Iténez – River of Hope to the ANGFA convention.
    Andrew, 13 July 2009, Sydney, Australia

    Hello Heiko,
    my name is Aleksandar from Makedonia.Before New Year i have received one of the most beautiful presents in my life. The present was videos and books from you.I have never seen a book so solid and remarkable written like Bleher’s Discus. This time i am writing if you can help me in my Wild discus wish.I am talking about baying wild discus 4-6 of them (red spotted green) like those in your book on page 180 pic.2 or 3. Can you help me, my third discus thank will be ready in 1-2 months.If they are about 10 cm big can you tell me their price and normally how long should i wait for them.
    Best regards
    Aleksandar, 30 March 2009, Makedonia

    Thank You Natasha
    I am in the process of reading Heiko’s discus book, I am amazed by the detail, history and photographs. I have posted my inital thoughts of the book on a few of the aquarist websites I frequent. I keep and breed wild discus, wild angels, apistogramma, and corydoras in biotype settings. The book has made me appreciate my discus even more, knowing how many people devoted their lives to the hobby and science of Symphysodon. I hope to someday be able to attend one of Mr Bleher’s talks. He has been nice enough to give his thoughts on some of my posts on and each time I am honoured.
    Do you ship books to the United States?
    I enjoyed the Christmas pictures on Aquapress.
    Happy New Year to You and Heiko
    Christian Moscarell, Amazon Tropicals, 29 dicember 2008, USA

    A little hello from one of your good friends in Norway: I have met you several times at Interzoo and at the plane to Singapore last year. Hope you re good after the trouble in Brazil. I have thought a lot of your sufferings and the crazy persons doing this to you. And not to mention the Diskus book bought at Interzoo 2 years ago. I knew you were one leading person in the world, but this is real amazing!! A masterpiece. I have read 140 pages and you look forward to continue. FANTASTIC!
    Bjørn Rildå, 24 december 08, Norway

    I am 40 or 50 pages into your book, I recieved it as a Christmas gift. I am thrilled as it is one of the best presents I have ever recieved. Just awesome.
    Have a happy holiday, travel safe, Thank You
    Christian Moscarell, 27 december 2008, Spring Grove PA, USA

    Hi Heiko —
    Do you ever stay in one place???
    Frank and I are planning out shows for the new year the end of this week — would you be able to come on blue Zoo Radio some Monday night in mid-January?
    I’m really looking forward to volume Hi II — volume I is without a doubt the most amazing book I have ever seen — not just the most amazing book about fish, but the most amazing BOOK period.
    It’s great that you are so busy — your experience in Manaus probably added to your already great popularity — how many people can say that they were in a Brazilian jail.
    Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season.
    Take care,
    David Lass, 16 december 2008, USA

    Hi Mr Bleher;
    In your marvelous/miraculous/extraordinary book we have learned a lot but still going on learning.
    I want to ask you about Black Discus that you discovered in 1983 at Rio Uatumã (Bleher’s Discus Volume 1). Would you please explain its base colour? Really dark black or brown to turn black? Or how can you explain its base?
    And also want to learn about the other two discovered wild discus Alenquer, Rio Içá, Heckel variants. I know these variant pictures designed at your T-Shirts too. … &Itemid=45
    Thank you,
    Bora Ünver, 27-11-2008, Ankara, Turkey

    Dear Dr. Bleher,
    thank you ever so much for mailing me a copy of you excellent work entitled “Bleher’s Discus” Vol. 1, which I received in today’s mail. It was so nice meeting you at the International Workshop on Green Certification of Ornamental Fish held at Cochin from 14th to 18th October this year. I also appreciate the unbelievably fantastic slides of some of the Indian ornamental fishes you presented in your slide show. I must congratulate you for such excellent photographs. It was really an eye opener to many of the participants. Your book so painstakingly documents A to Z about the species of Symphysodon historically, taxonomically, genetically and aesthetically and is very readable. When will the second volume be issued?
    With warm regards,
    Yours truly,
    E.G. Silas Ph.D, D.Sc – 17 November 2008, India

    I have read many books about discus… But this is the best!!! I could say that this book is the discus bible for everyone who likes, breeds and has discus in his/her aquariums. Mr Bleher did a great job by publishing this monograph. I am really very anxious in reading volume 2.
    A must buy for everyone who is interested in discus!!!
    Ioannis Stellas – 30 Jul 2008

    Dear Sirs Aqua Press and Heiko Bleher,
    We receive the book today and let me tell you that it’s everything we (Me and Dario) expect and more.We look through the book, but it will take a few weeks to finish reading it. Thank you very much for the dedicatory. He really is a discus lover, he has a few in an aquarium. Well thanks again for everything, we are really looking foward for the second volume. Please let me know when you publish it.
    Thanks again, Sincerely,
    Carol and Dario – 12 July 2008, Uruguay

    i think your book should be compulsory for all would be wild discus owners (similiar to a licence) and i am happy that you have been reminded to finish book 2.
    Trace, Australian Capital Territory, 11 July 2008

    …. Your book is more then a book about beautiful fishes and there habitats, it also describe a nature how blending the reader and I know I have to teach my children to love and give contribution to take care of this beautiful nature. This is also the vision your book also gives me. Then why I think it is not possible for others to write a book like this. It is written by human how loves and have lived with the nature and the animals in it for the most of his life. I feel that your soul is a part of this book and that’s why is so interesting to read, it is also a documentation of the life of the explorer and his offspring. When I read your book I begin to ask my self more and more questions. I ask you and you give me answer, this is a great experience and inspiration for me. You are relay a great human and it is a big pleasure to have your answer. Thank you very much Heiko.
    Best wishes from Norway
    Bjørn Johan Kirksæther, 10 Jul 2008

    Thank you very much Heiko!
    You give me very much new information in your wonderful book, but some time I wonder and in this issue you give me very good answer. I have been working with Discus since 1971, but you give me new information in your book I have been wonder for many years, very often in every pages. I have never seen a book about nature and animals like yours, you have given a big contribution to history and the description of a biotope how can be destroyed and disappeared in may be the next generation. Your book is a testament of the nature we know today with your knowledge’s. I inside me I crying when I think this stupid Humans working in Amazonas can destroy may be the garden of the Eden for the world and the humans . It is hard to think about this, but the interest for the Discus gives me this information. We need explores like you, thank very much for what you gives all of us.
    Best wishes from Norway
    Bjørn Johan Kirksæther – 31 May 2008, Trondheim, Norge

    Bleher’s Discus. Den mest fantastiske bok om natur og akvariefisk som noen gang er utgitt. Dette er bibelen til den vilt levende discus fantast.
    Bjornik – 10 May 2008, Trondheim, Norge

    I read Bleher’s Discus cover to cover and thought it is really excellent. It is a treasure trove of natural history observations. There are so many significant observations that I’ve never seen published. I liked for example seeing the pictures of the air-gulping hypopomids. This is something that is a very important part of their biology in hypoxic systems – and your pictures match exactly what I’ve observed. There are so many of these observations that I’ll no doubt keep returning to this book for a long time. Bravo!
    William G.R. Crampton, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Central Florida,
    4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL, 32816-2368, USA – 07 gennaio 2008

    I have just received the book and its ok.
    In a quick view of its pages, I notice that it’s a superior publication. Congratulations! I’m ancious for the launch of Volume 2!
    Thank you for your atention!
    Best regards.
    Eduardo A Carvalho, 05 novembre 2007, Brazil

    Hello Heiko:
    I just bought your “Bleher’s Discus” and I think it is one of the finest tropical fish books around. I have been to the Amazon and I am amazed how well you photographed and covered the region, your book should have been titled “Bleher’s Amazon”! The layout and text is remarkably different from other books, it shows a creative style often lacking in today’s books. I can’t wait to get back to the Amazon after reading your book. Besides being an lifelong aquarist, I am also a book collector. I would love to get my book signed by you. Are you going to be speaking in the Chicago region in the near future? Your book is quickly becoming one of my favorite books, and your signature would make it that much more special, Take care.
    Jeff Dundek, 29 maggio 2007, U.S.A.

    … I was writing to you a few weeks ago, and wondering if you have the second volume for Bleher’s Discus,
    because I received the first and I loved it, maybe youare not at the office yet?
    Hoping in receiving your answer
    Kind regards
    Renata Constantin

    … Thank you so much for the beautiful book. It is an outstanding reference to Symphysodon, and many aspects on expeditions, culture and ichthyological details which one cannot find information about elsewhere. Particularly the description of Schultz’s revision is interesting, as it confirms much of what I already suspected, and some of the information shows that things were even worse than I thought. I have no problem with the discus systematics, and your conclusions are compatible with the 1996 analysis and DNA results of Jonathan which eventually got in press in Journal of Fish Biology. I still think tarzoo is an available name, however. And, no, no reason to be mad. My self confidence is cut in gold. However, what could possibly be left for vol. 2? …
    Sven O Kullander, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Vertebrate Zoology, GBIF, FishBase – Swedish Museum of Natural History, SE-104 05 Stockholm

    … I have been reading your book, especially the historical part which is fascinating. And, of course, enjoying the many illustrations and art work. Your book is monumental. Is there any book that has been devoted to a single species of fish to treat all aspects, both popular and scientific, and with such photographic coverage?…
    John E. Randall, Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice St., Honolulu, HI 96817-2704, USA

    … The book ‘Bleher’s discus’ in English just arrived this morning… I can only describe receiving the book as like opening a treasure chest It is absolutely superb. Certainly the best book for aquarists I ever saw, and I have seen a lot of them!…
    Alec McFarlane, Scotland

    … I am not surprised that your Bleher Discus will be the ‘bible of Discus’. I was impressed when I saw the originals laying at Interzoo! Good for you!!! It brings you the gratitude of all the work & exploring in the Amazon world! You are also a writer with the ‘eyes of a fish in the water’: you bring over that feeling in your work! Congratulations! …
    Gerald Bassler, Belgium… author of the bible on fish diseases (now with videos on CDrom= see

    … I just received your Discus volume today – a beautiful work for a beautiful fish!
    Many thanks,
    Mark Henry Sabaj, Collection Manager of Fishes, Academy of Natural Sciences – 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    … Klaus gave me your new discus book when we were in Italy together and since getting back in the states I just haven’t caught my breath long enough to tell you how wonderful, beautiful, and fantastic it is!!!! …
    All the best my friend,
    Chuck Maier, USA

    I have received my Bleher’s Discus, Volume I. It was very much worth the wait. My congratulations to the author and publisher for producing such an outstanding book! I am very lucky to have it… I will enjoy it for years to come. I wish I could of had the author sign it! He has done an outstanding job documenting a much loved species. Please forward my compliments to Mr. Bleher. Thanks to all involved,
    Matt Springer, 6058 Knights Ridge Way, Alexandria, Va 22310

    Heiko is undoubtedly the premier fish collector of all time. His perserverance and dedication in his unique style dwarfs the efforts of pseudo-scientists who have cluttered up the genre for the past fifty years. Heiko is like a son to me, and I am proud of him. I am forever grateful to Heiko for teaching me the history of Discus, and he is on a very short list of people who I would turn to for information, as his word has always been his bond. The fish illustrations and photographs are profuse and masterful. Bleher’s Discus, Volume 1 is a true labor of love, and the last word on Discus.
    Ross Socolof, USA

    I received your book fine – on time. It was a big surprise to me. A very pleasant surprise I must say. As a frequent reader of many discus books, I must confess that your book is the “Bible” of discus. The most significant benefit from me while reading it, is the discovery of how limited was my knowledge about these magnificent fishes, regardless of years of books readings and aquariums observation. Thank you for your excellent work and also for your interest about our thoughts.
    Babis Tsokas, Greece

    Dear Heiko, I am enjoying the book very much. I am about half way through it. It has lots of good information to absorb. I love it,
    Al (Rockymountaindiscus – USA)

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to congratulate you for the work on the Heiko Bleher Discus & Discus-The monograph! It’s really a great job! I and a friend of mine bought from you last week some books (2xBleher’s Discus The Monograph and 2xDiscus).
    Ioannis Stellas – Greece

    My wife gifted me with Heiko Bleher’s Discus vol.1. I would like to tell Mr. Bleher that I consider the book my discus bible. Thank you so much for writing it.
    Kennith E. Wetzel

    Dear Heiko.
    I have read nearly all of your book, and certainly looked at all the pictures and captions. After that I decide to go from cover to cover and I’m over half way through. I look forward very much to getting volume 2.
    It is simply excellent, a real treasure chest of first-class information. Also in my opinion it is a most important record for the future and I only hope that large tracts of the Amazon can survive for future generations.
    The perfect Christmas present for any serious fishkeeper! You certainly get around Heiko. I only hope that you still enjoy it as much as ever. I certainly enjoy reading about your travels, as do thousands of others.
    Anyway, let me wish you & Natasha a very happy Christmas and a prosperous – and above all interesting – new year. Regards
    Alec McFarlane (UK)

    Dear Heiko and Natasha! I has read your book. This is masterpiece!!!!
    Bravo, master !! Bravo, Heiko!! Thank you !!!!
    With best wishes,
    Andrej Kravchinsky (Ukraine)

    Heiko, I trust all is well. Everyone is raving about the book and the excellent way it was printed – all high quality work! Definitely let me know when the second volume is ready and of course if you are setting a minimum sales price for that one so I can sell at or above that level. Do you have a name of a supplier in Brazil/Peru that can provide me all the different types of discus you detail in your book?
    Bill (AbsolutelyDiscus – USA)

    I received the book in a wonderful packaging everything was excellent.The book worth every penny, a great contribution to the hobby of discus, excellent work .I look forward to read the volume 2.Now with the co-operation you done with nidal from greece i hope many greek people will read your excellent book
    Chris Pan (Greece)

    Hi Heiko
    First of all, congratulations with your new book, this is a master piece/book. Looking foreward to volume 2, which offcourse I altso nedd 10 copies for the people who participate in our jouney at Amazonas in August/September.
    Freddy Jensen (Danemark)

    Dear Heiko, yesterday I received your book and I really like what you wrote on it for me, thank you.
    I must admit I have a passion for Nature, in general, and I really would like to be able to go visit the Amazon with you and try to enjoy every single minute of it. I need to live that experience before the humans destroy it completely, I admit I suffer when I see how far we’ve damaged our planet and all the different species that have, and are, becoming extinct.
    I’m reading the first chapter and must say that it’s and incredible work you’ve done, including historical, political, and factual issues, there’s a lot of research in it.
    Cristina Pedrosa (Spain)

    Hi Wakin.
    …Thank you for your compliments. Any book I wrote would be eclipsed by Heiko Bleher’s new book, Bleher’s Discus Vol. 1. It is my bible for all info regarding wild Discus.
    Apistomaster Dec. 04, 2007 6:40 pm

    …I suggest you carefully read Bleher’s Discus Vol. 1, 2006 regarding the question of interspecific hybrids of Symphysodon species. Unless you can borrow a copy it will cost $125.00 but one can hardly understand the history of discus in the hobby without checking it out.
    I have been at it 45 years so I have been fortunate enough to watch this unfold over many years and I bought his book and plan on getting Vol. 2 as soon as it is published.
    Bleher collected and supplied the majority of the wild fish that have been used by the world’s most prominent breeders of the 20TH Century who in turn are responsible for the development of the plethora of domestic discus strains now available. These include both European and Asian breeders. No one knows more about Discus than Heiko Bleher. I think you will find much of what is believed by the discus community is so much BS if you were not already aware of it.
    Larry Waybright, USA, 22.08.2007 8:42 pm

    … Have to agree, Bleher’s Discus is stunning, well written, brilliant photos and awesome drawings. Quite simply its a masterpiece.
    Paul B., Jun 30 2006

    Hi Paul,
    Yes indeed……..Blehers book is outstanding, would you have any idea!! when vol 2 will be available on the domesticated stuff!! my guess would be, it could be very interesting.
    Ben Anderson, jun 28 2006

    … This is the most concise publication on Discus ever…..not tanks, filters, medications and all the usual contratictory stuff…. 650 pages, 5,000 photos of real life experiance by a man dedicated to the wild form of the fish, its history, discovery,taxonomy, distribution…….detailed (over twenty years day and night) natural water parameters, temperatures = V interesting!…80 pages on natural nutrition!
    No theory, no lip service but compulsive reading detailing 50 years of work which includes more than 300 research and collecting trips.. Awesome
    Mark Evenden, Jun 10 2006

    I am just reading the new book by Heiko Bleher, entitled Bleher’s Discus. OK its a discus book rather than an apisto book, but the two genus are from not dissimilar environemnts. it does however, contain a massive amount of biotope information, all collected in the field, by the author. It’s a fascinating read
    King Borris, London, UK – 07.06.2006

    … He has left no stone unturned in doing this. He’s printed it in 6 languages. It has 5000 photo’s, maps. There are PH and EC reading from over 75 regions both day and night. There are stories about the Indians; about his 50 years collecting from the Amazon area. Talked to me about how, when he retraced his and his mothers footsteps through the Matto Grosso all he saw was Soya fields – 2000 sq miles worth. He’s collecting as many times as he can get away from all of his engagements in lectures. The guy is truly amazing and just seems to be so full of energy – amazes me. Just check out all of the details of the book – you will see how in depth it is!
    Paul, UK, 20.05.2006 04:39

  4. Gene Post author

    Dear Aquapress Staff,
    The phone number where the book is to be delivered is my work number 573 341-4211. I also have a cell phone number 573 578-6877. I am certainly looking forward to this book. I only learned about its existence yesterday through the Buntbarsche Bulletin online edition. Previously I had purchased Bleher’s Discus a few years ago and have enjoyed it immensely.
    USA, 05.06.2015

  5. Marco Post author

    Lieber Heiko! Ich habe vor 7 Jahren dein Buch “Blehers Discus V1” gelesen, von Anfang bis Ende. Und wollte dir meine Dankbarkeit nahe bringen. Zu jedem Schlüssen gehört auch ein Schloss. Leider ist es oft so dass Menschen (ich sag es mal ganz einfachst ausgedrückt) dumm reagieren wenn man ihnen etwas bezüglich Wissenschaft und vor allem Ichthyologie erzählt. Bereits mit jungen Jahren begann meine Leidenschaft für Aquaristik, in den Hohen Tauern, zu keimen. Deine Person und auch das Buch, welches wahnsinnig gut geschrieben wurde, brachten mich auf ein neues Level, sodass ich dich gerne als einen meiner stillen Mentoren bezeichne. Vielen Dank und alles Gutes ! Bleib lange gesund ! Jah Bless ! –
    Marco – Deutschland

    1. Natasha Khardina

      Marco, Danke Dir vielmals, das ist wirklich nett.
      Alles Gute und hoffentlich sehen wir uns einmal.

  6. Kurt Carpenter Post author

    Bleher’s Discus is the most comprehensive book I own by far about South America fish and the water they live in to the S. A. fisherman and the culture they live in. It immediately came to mind when I saw this map posted to check for accuracy. I need to read it more. It made me realize to greater degree the vastness of the S A river systems and the spp. of fish undescribed and undiscovered not just in the way of Discus either. On the other hand a sobering dose of truth about damage at the hands of the human race to the great Amazon and her tributaries. Vol. 2 contains more detail about history and current state of the Discus trade and breeders. Not that I’d know, but it seems to me you could run a college course from these books. I should have said something first so Heiko didn’t have to himself. Sorry Maestro.
    Los Angeles, California, USA

  7. Günter Wagenbrenner Post author

    Den gezeigten Fisch kenne ich nicht Heiko Bleher aber du machst so Unendlich viel für uns Aquarianer alleine die Bücher ,,Bleher Diskus Band 1,, und ,,Bleher Diskus Band 2 ,,wer die Bücher hat braucht keine andere Diskus Bücher, dafür einfach nur mal Danke sagen auch einen lb. Gruß an Natascha
    Nuernberg, Germany

  8. Keisdo Post author

    Bleher Discus Vol. 1, by Heiko Bleher, published by Aquapress Publishers, and the original edition of which is 2006.
    This book features hundreds of color and blank photographs and illustrations and black, distribution maps, and useful and extremely interesting information. Whether you’re a beginner or expert aquarist, this job should have a privileged place within your library.
    You can get it directly at in different languages, including Spanish, and they send it right to your doorstep.
    With its 671 pages, this work is a kind of bible, not just for disco fish lovers, but for any passionate about nature, biodiversity and freshwater fish.
    The work done by the author is so broad, it had to be divided into two volumes. In this delivery you will find information regarding the history of disco fish, their taxonomy, distribution, varieties in nature, habitats and collecting.


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