Amanda Flora Bleher is born today, on July 15th, 2010 at 10:45 Italian time.


Finally the 4th generation for the continuity of the Kiel-Bleher-Family tradition has seen the light of this world, healthy, happy and smiling with 2950 grams of weight.


Amanda Flora will surely continue to explore the last corners of this planet, as her father Heiko Bleher, her mother Natasha, her grandmother Amanda Flora Hilda Bleher (nee Kiel) and her grand-grandfather, Adolf Kiel, has done, to catalogue the last aquatic life forms in freshwaters of this planet before it is definitely to late. Today they are disappearing at a speed never seen before in history. She will certainly also continue to help the most beautiful and most educational hobby in the world – a family tradition for nearly 120 years – and help the scientific community to improve further our knowledge of the aquatic biodiversity worldwide. And help, as her ancestors did to guarantee that future generations will know what once lived on earth.

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