MexicoPetExpo 2012

Guadalajara – Mexico, 27-29 June, 2012


The first MexicoPetExpo was an amazing success.  More people came from all over Mexico and Central America, than expected. The exhibition hall was sold out and had some of the largest stands ever seen in Mesoamerica. Heiko Bleher and Aquapress had also been invited and participated with a stand and with seminars.

The German NürnbergMesse and it’s North American representative launched extreme successful the new annual Mexico Pet Expo and Conference on June 27-29 at the Expo Guadalajara. The inaugural event attracted more than 150 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees in a prime exhibition centre spanning over 32,000 square feet of exhibit space. Heiko Bleher and Aquapress had also been invited, participated with a stand and with seminars. Below some pictures of this unique event:


The organizing sponsor NürnbergMesse, also coordinator of the biggest Pet fair on planet earth, the Interzoo (see comments on this greatest bi-annual pet fair worldwide here) made this inaugural event a perfect organized exhibition, conference and pet show. There were also posters of the 2014 Interzoo in the exhibition hall.


The Bleher-family from Mexico (upper f.l.t.r.), Axel Bleher, his son Heiko Bleher, Heiko, Xadani Bleher and Claudia Bleher at the entrance of the MexicoPetExpo. There were about 50 conferences held, mainly on dogs and cats as well as veterinarian seminars, Heiko gave 5 on aquatics, see here. On the lower photo are the only two persons on planet Earth called ‚Heiko Bleher‘, Heiko to the right pointing to one of his seminars and Axel and Claudia Bleher’s son, who they named after Heiko, so he is the second person called ‚Heiko Bleher‘.

11-325_mexico_july2012.jpgThey have build amazing size stands at the MexicoPetExpo, only seen similar before at any pet fair in Germany at Interzoo. There was even a Entrepreneurs Pavilion (lower).

14-303_mexico_july2012.jpgNaturally Purina could not be missed with their giant stand, and also not the USA representative of one of the finest fish foods Hikari (lower).


Rolf C. Hagen’s representative, as well as Tetra USA, and Kordon with its new owner, David Langtry (lower photo with Heiko), had all great stands


… even Prodac from Italy with the very active Giovanni, was represented very well.


Here the Aquapress Bleher stand. On the upper photo Heiko with Manuel, publisher of the beautiful pet and fish magazines in Mexico and coordinator of Heiko’s seminars. And also visitors to the Aquapress stand were the owners of the largest Aquarium wholesale business in the country, the Casas brothers of Moon’s Aquarium S.A. de C.V. (lower).


The giant Moon’s Aquarium stand (upper), companies from China and veterinarian stands from Spain one could visit.


Manuel Morales Zamudio, the publisher of the only two pet magazines, with Heiko on one of the covers …


They organized The Night of the Exhibitors, e real successful event, with great live music and prime Mexican specialities from the Guadalajara region. Playing Mexican music here for Douglas Lugo, the trade show manager, Heiko and Manuel (upper photo); below that Heiko with great friends and the reptile expert of Mexico; and Heiko with Rodrigo O. B. Barreto, from AlconPet in Brazil (lower).


At another great diner party Heiko and other speakers were invited in a beautiful typical restaurant, together with Dirk Ebener, director of NuernbergMesse North America (right) and two beautiful girls from USA and Germany (his staff), as well as Manuel.



Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and has a beautiful old colonial center, with buildings dating back to the 16th century. And naturally hot pepper, the famous chilli, cannot be missed at any dish … (from the central market in the old town).

The MexicoPetExpo was a great event, really perfectly organized and everyone sees forward to the 2013 event, taking place also in June, 26-28, again at these prime exhibition halls of Expo Guadalajara (see also here).
Mexico is a prime Latin American market and growing tremendously, for anyone in the pet business a must to attend, also for every none-professional in 2013, with great aquarium fish exhibition and competition coordinated by Heiko Bleher …

Thank you Dirk and Douglas for this great show and see forward to 2013, which for sure will be a smash hit.

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