Image Aquapress has published a new yearly edition, DISCUSBOOK01, full with innovations and not only discus; also fascinating and unique Amazonia discoveries – the very firsts worldwide …





This new publication from Aquapress Publishers is a milestone for nature lovers, explorers, Amazon lovers, for those who want to know about the newest discus and other Amazonian discoveries full with prime photography exclusively by Heiko Bleher, Natasha Khardina and Aquapress Publishers, never published anywhere before. One can find unique and truly new loricariid catfishes (20 pages), from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela; discovery of new discus variants, new angelfishes and an overview of the 9 angelfishes recognized by Heiko Bleher throughout South America; new discoveries in never before explored Amazon regions; rediscoveries; first conversation with breeders never interviewed; authentic biotope aquariums for discus into the last detail; journey’s to untouched Amazon regions unknown to white man and much more.



3        EDITORIAL









92      ARTEMIA

96      LAGO JARI



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One thought on “DISCUS BOOK 01

  1. rossella Post author

    With DiscusBook 1 …. Fantastic Read with Amazing Photos… 🙂 🙂 — Nagendra Saraf posted a photo to your Wall.
    Nagendra Saraf – Tamil, India, 24 January 2012

    Not at all Heiko, I hope it works and keep away amanda from bad luck, and keep her health. Also your last book ( discusbook) is perfect.
    Uygar Sanal, Ankara, Turkey, 25 January 2011

    Ah! I am engrossed in Volume 1!
    And the Discus Book 01 is brilliant. Maybe we can make it possible to retail them from my website.
    I adore your writing.
    Chris Englezou, UK, 21 January 2011

    Hello Heiko,
    I treated myself to your new discus book for Christmas. Its very good indeed. One day I would love to take a trip up a remote Amazon tributary and find cichlids and catfish, maybe new to the hobby. Maybe you should do a documentary for TV??? YES PLEASE.
    Richard, UK, 01 January 2011

    I have read DISCUSBOOK 01 : really beautifull and interesting. Congratulations !
    Best regards,
    Mickaël Legrand, France, 11 December 2010

    Discusbook01 is a magnificent magazine and I got much new information especially about scalare and discus. You told me that the magazine has been sold already very well. So I think Discusbook will have very good future, too.
    Al the best
    Markku Varjo, Helsinki, Finland, 30 October 2010

    Just yesterday evening I received your DISCUSBOOK01. Thank you very much for signing it for me. I still have not found time to read it but after taking a quick look at it I found it great. Amazing photos and the quality of the publication is one of the best I have seen. Will there be a new release every year? I read at the end of the book that the discus vol.2 will be released in 2010. Do you have any idea when to expect it? As soon as you release it I want a copy of it FOR SURE!!!
    Best regards from me, Helen and Nickolas.
    Your friend
    Ioannis, Thens, Greece, 26 October 2010

    The discusbooko1 its amazing!i love it!i love your discus!!!
    and yes alot of persons full of jealousy around the world. But………you are the best
    Peris Kotsiropoulos, Athens, Greece, 25 October 2010

    It is a book with many informations about Amazon river and generally about various fish species that lives there, my personal opinion and willingness is that it should have more issues and informations about discus!
    I am sure that this book was written after many tiring hours of work and I do not underestimate your effort but I was expecting more issues about discus fish from a book titled Discusbook …
    I wish you the best!!!
    Stravos, Atens, Greece, 24 October 2010

    Heiko Bleher’s answer:
    Dear Stravos,
    thank you for your nice comments – I will pay attention and consider it for the next issue. But let me also just mention what was in DISCUSBOOK01 about Discus:
    1. The latest (new) discovery of a green Discus population in December 2009;
    2. A guide for 6 biotope aquariums for Discus, how to do them correctly – in detail;
    3. Rediscovery of Discus populations and their history;
    4. There was a nice interview of an amazing Czech Discus Breeder;
    5. The history of Swordplants for Discus aquaria;
    6. A large article on Loricariids, plecos – which can go with discus;
    7. And the history of Artemia – the prime food for Discus larvae.
    So I think, there was really something about disus in it, in 7 articles out of the 9 published … And as you have my Bleher’s Discus volume 1, you know that I never write only about Discus, also about Amazonia and this yearly issue is ment to bring my volume 1 updated – every year – so it is also about the Amazon and the newest findings from my yearly expeditions. But thank you again for your constructive comments,

    always Heiko Bleher

    I was impressed by Pterophyllum altum and the water parameters of their habitat where they live at Rio Atabaro (3,7-3,9 ph) !!!
    The photos of the book are exceptional !!!
    Disc-Postman, Athens, Greece, 24 October 2010

    I am reading the DiscusBook 1 right know and is very good and a good way of magazine or book and the info is very good and informative, thums up !!
    Henrik Hylleberg, Aarhus, Denmak, 20 October 2010

    Hi Heiko,
    It was great meeting you again in Duisburg. Just reading Discusbook 01 and in your editorial you mention that this will be an annual. I wish you every success and I think it’s a great idea and a great publication. The price too makes it excellent value for money and already I’m looking forward to the next edition.
    Thank You once again for personalising my copy.
    Best Regards

    Tony, Ireland, 14 October 2010

    I quite enjoy the Spanish names and terms. It adds flavour to the describtions.
    Heiko, I would love to come with you on an amazon trip. Let me know when and I will start organising my end
    Tony, Alexander Heihgts, Australia, 11 October 2010

    Dear Heiko,
    I think you started out working the right way.
    The Discusbook 01 looks great and has exactly the things we want to read in it.
    In my opinion the short stories at the end of the magazine can better be extended to one bigger story. It looks like in those three or four pages you want to tell more as there is space in the magazine.
    But overall a great magazine which I can recommend to all of my Discus friends.
    Fons van der Hart, Rottherdam, The Netherlands, 10 October 2010

    yes i loved it and look forward to the next issue..i would have loved more in depth detail on the bio tanks at the back of the book but other than that a fascinating read
    Bruce Raymond, Essex, UK, 10 October 2010

    Hello Heiko
    I Hope to spend your trip at Duisburg as well as me. Your corner and your biotopic Aquariums are the best in all show. I am very happy becausei had the opportunity to drink a beer with you at Schacht restaurant on Friday night with the Turkish friend. I am already finished your discusbook1 and i have to say that this is one of your amazing work as always…..so keep discus us
    at the attached pics i am next to you ( right to you) ….you know nidal’s
    friend – the guy with the red t-shirt with 1977 on it and you told me that this is the year that you discovered the first red discus….great times for you and also for me to heard about it directly from you
    I hope to meet you again Heiko
    Friendly John n Yiapitzoglou, Athens, Greece, 10 October 2010

    Hi Heiko!!
    I personally liked your book very much and in general found the presentation of some of your new discoveries a great idea. I can say that I was excited with everything I red, the only thing I could ask for is more photos and more infos on wild caught discus.
    To all your queries I reply with yes and especially to that concerning interview with a breeder!
    Congratulations again for your great effort and your discoveries!
    Paul, Greece, 09 October 2010

    Enjoyed the book. Thanks Terry for organising that. The biotype section make’s me want to give it a try. Also inspires me to go to the Amazon and see it all for myself.
    Tony, Alexander Heights, Australia, 8 October 2010

    I enjoyed the read (thanks for organising the book terry), especially the Biotope part. That part I enjoyed most. Also liked the article on pavel picka with the discus setup. I would like to see an annual publication, but quality prefered over quantity, so a bi-annual would be fine too. Thanks
    Jason, Hammond Park, Australia, 8 October 2010

    Hello Heiko
    I love the idea of a yearly publication and I feel it should not just be about the Amazon, most hobbiests are interested in fish from anywhere. Discusbook 01 is very informative with something of interest for everybody however I have one complaint.
    The book is written in english but you use a lot of Spanish/Indian words which make the book hard to read at times. If you are printing in english why not translate the whole book? I had an even bigger problem with the same thing in Bleher’s Discus, also an excellent book but a hard read for somebody who only speaks english.
    Terry, Guildfor, Australia, 8 October 2010

    I will put it to the committee, and i also got your new book just this week and it is exceptional !!
    Craig, Perth, Australia, 7 October 2010

    Fabulous book Heiko, something in it for everybody.
    When is Discusbook 02 being printed?
    Thank you and well done to you and your staff.
    Cheers Terry PCS, Perth, Australia, 7 October 2010

    Thanks Heiko!

    I got the book and it’s awesome. I especially like your discus biotope section as that is my keen interest – to keep my discus as close to nature as possible in my home.
    YiXiang Lye, Singapore, 05 October 2010

    My dear friend Heiko,
    I also hope that you have managed to finish Volume II and I can get my copy in Duisburg. I can not wait to read it.
    By the way I read Discusbook 01 in one day. It was as fascinating as your all previous publications. Thank you very much for your signing it and your kind words. Looking forward to its new volumes.
    Best regards,
    Cüneyt Birol, Turkey, 19 September 2010

    Dear Heiko,
    I have received all the books, great and a wonderful publication.
    I have orders for eleven more DISCUSBOOK 01 books and if you are ready I will send you the names to sign on them. Please give me 3-4 days to get the right Names and I shall email you.
    I subscribe to PFK and have read all your articles.
    Sujoy, New Delhi, 14 September, 2010

    I have read the first article from the new Discus Book 01. Wonderful.
    Thank you for your continued efforts to preserve and promote fish keeping and more importantly educate us about the natural habitats.
    Rolf Hagen, Canada, 13 September 2010

    Dear Friends! The books have arrived. What a great quality of contens and photos. Stories transmit the passion of your work, a dream work. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!!!
    Thanks once again.
    Filipe Alvaro, Portugal, 8 September 2010

    Yes, I finally got my book. Those are some huge altums in that book. The size of dudes head. Thats crazy!!!!!
    Wendy, Chambersburg, Pa, USA, 03 September 2010

    Phew! I am glad the book arrived. Yes, those altums are HUGE! I was shocked to see it. 🙂 I am enjoying the book very much. Those plecos and wild angels are awesome!
    Yss, Northern VA, USA, 03 September 2010

    Hello Heiko……my congratulations about the new book.That would be great as i paid shipping more than the amount for the discusbook01. Nevertheless, it is an amazing magazine (booklet). In fact i am going to order Bleher’s discus too. The reviews for the latter book on aquapress speak for themselves.
    I really enjoyed reading the article on Pterophyllum.
    Ramsvella, Malta, 24 August 2010

    The book is great. I already read it at the beach!!!!
    Is it going to be published every year???
    Nidal Rezeq, Athens, Greece, 22 August 2010

    I ‘ve got the book!…Thanks for the autograph!
    I am reading it right now…Nice Pictures and very detailed explanations.
    Can’t wait for the second magazine.
    Macky Delos Santos, Dubai, UAE, 20 August 2010

    Awesome magazine!!!
    Dbfzurowski, Chicaco, IlL. USA, 03 August 2010

    Kenny in Singapore was interviewed about DISCUSBOOK 01, here the question and his answers (bold):

    – Do you like the concept to bring yearly the update on my discoveries (always from the previous year) and findings;
    Yes, i actually saw lots of fishes in this issue that i’ve never seen around before. Am especially grateful for the detailed information regarding the water parameters of different rivers.
    in particular to update those from the Amazon (where I go several times every year – besides the other destinations);
    Definitely, there’s always new surprises there.
    – do you like update on plants for aquariums;
    Yes, its always something interesting to read about.
    – updates on biotope aquariums – how to do them correctly to nature – in detail explained;
    This has been really helpful
    – an interview with a very interesting and unique breeder – is that welcome
    Definitely good knowledge. I hope to be able to read more accounts from different breeders around the world.
    – information on certain fish foods?
    found a brand that ill give a try at.
    – and also the true story about a species (like I did with the Pterophyllum altum and its populations in this issue)?
    Was probably the main highlight of this issue. Thanks for sharing this knowledge Heiko.
    – and naturally any other comment is welcome.
    Looking forward to the next issue, hopefully there would be a more indepth study with the pterophyllum altum, and possibly their breeding nature in the wild.
    Thanks Heiko for this great issue and illuminae once again for going through all the trouble organising this MO.
    Kenny, Singapore

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