Aquael Primus Inter Pares

Poland – Warsaw, 9-10 December 2011

Image The world famous Polish company AQUAEL had invited Heiko Bleher to participate in PRIMUS INTER PARES Contest of Aquaristic knowledge. Heiko did not only participate as a speaker, but also as judge for a contest and the winner received an amazing prize – a once in a life-time occasion – to spend 8 days with Heiko Bleher on one of his yearly Amazon expeditions in 2012. This world-wide first and exciting event include Heiko Bleher’s seminar on how to set up biotope tanks, during a ceremony of the first edition of Darek Firlej’s awards from MAGAZYN AKWARIUM, world premiere of the latest AQUAEL product – REEFMAX 100 set and much more. See also the AQUAEL. Heiko was also awared with two trophies, one from AQUAEL, a Discus in heavy bronze, and the Darek Firlej award, which was a beautiful sculptured seahorse.


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