Bleher’s special folding hand net

01 net 230pxFinally the latest model of Heiko Bleher’s special folding hand net is available from Aquapress for everyone.

With this unique hand net, which Heiko had designed years ago to carry around easily and to resist the tough places he surveys, he was able to collect and catalogue probably more small freshwater fish species than anyone else. Now it is available in an even stronger version, to scrape over rocks and any other extreme hard obstacle in creeks, rivers or lakes, it will even resist the most un-penetrable places. The hand net is made from the toughest net-material available on the market. The mesh size is 4 mm, the sack 40-50 cm deep, and the frame 80 x 50 cm – folded only 80 x 8 cm. And it has the Aquapress-Bleher – Heiko Bleher’s logo on it.

The cost is only Euro 174,90 plus shipping



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