Discus Championship 2012 in Atlanta

USA – Atlanta, June 21-24, 2012


Heiko Bleher has been invited by NADA’s president Larry Bugg and it has been suggest for Heiko Bleher to give possibly 3 conferences at this years international Discus Championship in the USA, held by NADA (North American Discus Association), which will probably be even better than the great success they had in 2010. No lover of the «King of the Amazon» or «King of Aquarium Fishes» should miss this event. See also: Nada Atlanta 2012

Here the possible 3 lectures by Heiko Bleher:

Discovery of new Green Discus Population:


Heiko Bleher made last year a expedition to a never before ichthyologic explored Amazon region and discovered amazing new variant of the Green Discus Symphysodon aequifasciatus, a beautiful new angelfish species and many other fishes. This presentation includes 2 videos.

Upper Jutaí and how to collect 400 Discus:


In this presentation Heiko Bleher brings you to the upper Jutaí River where no one collected fishes before, into untouched nature where, according to the FUNAI, still 21 Indian tribes live which never had contact with white people. Heiko Bleher was able to find two of those tribes plus 400 Discus. He shows on film their habitat and how he collected them including 84 other species living sympatric. This presentation includes also some short film sequences.


Update on the Discus Taxonomy and natural Distribution in nature:


Since Bleher’s Discus volume 1 came out in 2005 (German edition), there have been more scientific publication printed than in all the 165 years since the first description of Symphysodon discus Heckel 1840. Some of confusion with names which appeared in those few years will be presented including the latest (January 2012) up-to-date development in their taxonomy. Heiko Bleher will also give an update also on the new findings to clarify the distribution of the species of Symphysodon as of 2012.

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