Evolution & Speciation in the Laguna de Apoyeque

November 2007 – Nicaragua

Axel Meyer, Heiko Bleher & companions did research in the crater lakes of Nicaragua in 2007 and found in the Laguna de Apoyeque some very interesting forms of Amphilophus with Heiko Bleher’s discovery of one particular amazing and colourful one. This videos shows in short a resume of how the Amphilophus forms dwell and nest in the lake and their habitat. In addition one can see the fight to survive, everyone tries to eat the offspring of the others and it can be seen how evolution and speciation is in full swing. This is possibly the first underwater film of this very difficult to reach Crater lake in Nicaragua and shows also for the first time all 5 forms living in it and in detail at the end of the film, including and amazing Amphilophus cf. labiatus.


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