ACA 2012 Convention in Indianapolis

USA – Indianapolis, 12-15 July 2012

The American Cichlid Association is having their yearly event this June, with a line of great speakers This will be a memorial event and Heiko Bleher will give 2 talks on cichlids and a possible 3rd talk on the most unusual aquarium fishes including amazing cichlids he found …


This amazing event of the ACA (American Cichlid Association), is the largest yearly event of its kind in America. Possibly more visitors come to the ACA’s conventions than to any other aquarium fish convention world-wide. This time there will be some of the best speakers this fish-planet has to offer, and Heiko Bleher will do 2 or possibly 3 talks, of which the first page of its power-point presentations can be seen below:

The first 2 presentations are confirmed, the 3rd on unusual aquarium fishes is optional – a very unique talk he wants to put together with rarely seen fishes and their biology.




For further contact and registration see

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