Upper Barito River basin, Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia

During a recent, May 2011, expedition to which Heiko Bleher was invited by Herman Oei and his kind friend from Jakarta, who’s father own a large forest area in the upper Barito River basin, gave the full support to reach this remote primary rainforest region, by plane, car, speedboat and 4×4 vehicle. And along this jungle track, Heiko discovered an untouched very small mountain creek with crystal clear water and three possibly endemic fish species. There was a Paracrossochilus which looks a little like P. vittatus, but is much smaller and much more colourful; a possible new, very colourful, Gastromyzon species; and a loach, possibly similar to Sundoreonectes obesus. And there was a bluish shrimp. The video was made by Herman Oei, his very first ever, so excuse if it is not perfect, but shows well this tiny biotope and its fishes.

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