Heiko Bleher Day

GermanyLeipziger Zoo, 13 October 2007

Image The Sachsen-Anhalt-Thüringen (Federal State of Saxony) group of the International Rainbowfish Association (IRG), and in particular Bernd Heineke and Harald Hildebrandt, had already invited Heiko one year earlier for this event, for which they declared October 13th, 2007 in former East Germany, or better Leipzig, the „Heiko Bleher Day“. It was a full programme, Heiko did hold lectures all day long.



The IRG regional group of Sachsen-Anhalt-Thüringen (Saxony) were able to get the nice conference room of the famous Leipzig Zoo for Heiko’s lectures. The room was packed with people from all over the East, and even some from West Germany. They listened to his talks and the presentation of 1500 slides all day long. Heiko lectured about Amazonia, West and Central Africa and New Guinea discoveries. Everyone was very happy and all agreed at the end of the day, to declare the October 10th, 2009, for the next “Heiko Bleher Day” in East Germany. Below a few photos of this beautiful city

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The Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) monument in front of the St. Thomas’ Church (left), in which the sarkophag with his remains are placed since 1950. Bach was one of Germany’s most famous musicians and the Thomaskantor from 1723 until his death for this church. In Leipzig we can also find a monument of Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), who worked for some time as well in Leipzig


Another beautiful church of Leipzig, the Nikolaikirche (St. Nikolai). Here, in 1989, after prayers for peace, which was established in 1983 as part of the peace movement, the Monday demonstrations started as the most prominent mass protest against the East German regime

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Leipzig was first documented in 1015 and endowed with city and market privileges in 1165, it has fundamentally shaped the history of Saxony and of Germany. Leipzig has always been known as a place of commerce. The Leipzig Trade Fair, which began in the Middle Ages, is the oldest remaining trade fair in the world. It became an event of international importance, especially as a point of contact with the Comecon Eastern Europe economic bloc, of which East Germany was a member. Here we can find one of the oldest universities and the oldest music school and after its peaceful Monday-revolution in 1989 and the reunion of the two Germanys, the government started to rebuilt and restore these beautiful building, which had been destroyed in WWII. Only a few of those are shown above…


…even the details have been re-done or re-created authentically. Here in the middle is the photo of one of the giant painted glass windows at the Thomas Church with Bach in its centre


The Neues Rathaus (new City Hall Building of Leipzig) was inaugurated after six years of construction in 1905 in the presence of King Friedrich August III. of Saxony. At night its giant tower-clock is illuminated blue and also the latin words Mors certa, hora incert (death is for sure, the hour not). The woman-figure above represents the symbol of truth, and directly in front of this large complex we find… 


...written in marble stone, the texts of Carl Friedrich Goerdeler (1884-1945). He was the mayor of Leipzig (1930-1937) and after 1933 one of very few politicians opposing the ruling Nazis. When the Nazis ordered the demolition of a monument to the German-Jewish composer Felix Mendelssohn in 1936, Goerdeler tried to have it rebuilt. After failing, he declined to accept his re-election as mayor and resigned from office. He was executed because of his complot to kill Hitler (shown in a recent Tom Cruise movie) on February 2, 1945 by decapitation. While awaiting his death sentence, Goerdeler wrote a farewell letter, which ended with “I ask the world to accept our martyrdom as penance for the German people”, which is salso engraved here


And last but not least from this great city and the Heiko Bleher Day 2007, a picture of the  beautifully renovated Alte Börse of Leipzig (Old Bourse of Leipzig)


Programm of the lectures

My expeditions in Amazonia

With Heikomobil through West Africa

Fishes and plants of New Guinea

Regionalgruppe Sachsen-Anhalt-Thüringen der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Regenbogenfische(IRG)

Kontakt: bernd.heineke@freenet.deTel.: Harald Hildebrandt 0394998477

Until October 10th, 2009, when Leipzig will have the second „Heiko Bleher Tag“, hope to see you there

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