On day sitting in my office before the turn of the Century I received call from Nauru (who knows where it is), and the USA solder said “Heiko it is a pleasure to talk to you, but I only wanted to say that you do the best magazine on the planet, and I stopped my subscription to National Geographic as yours is so much better and has stories and photos no one every writes about or are shown anywhere, congratulations.” That went down as butter… It is true, as in my books, no one ever has put so much work and published so much above and below water from every remotest unpublished corner of the planet and its nature. Unfortunately after 9/11 I was told “the world has changed” (same as now, but not as bad…) and the 10 pages of adverts did not come in anymore. NOW WE STILL HAVE SOME STOCK AND WHILE MOVING WE GIVE 50% DISCOUNT ON ANYONE OF THE REMAINING ISSUE WITH TIMELESS UNIQUE ARTICLES. SO EACH COPY INSTEAD OF Euro 25 IS SOLD, AS LONG AS STOCK LAST, for Euro 12.50
See for the remaining issues.

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