LAC FWA, DRC June 2018

The trip is going to start about 8th June, 2018 from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, with two 4×4 first on N1 to Masumuna. From here it goes to Mosango and then north on N19 to Bulugu totally unexplored area and to Kikwit. From here to Matende and up north the the Kasi river across virgin forest along the N20 to cross the river at llebo. On to Mweka and Kananga. From Kananga to Lac Muamba, where we will stay in the guest house at the lake shore. And from here final stretch to Lac Fwa, the most unique freshwater lake on planet earth with entirely endemic species of aquatic life form.hi is at -5.732231, 23.340758.

The 2 vehicles are fully equipped, with guide and driver, extra fuel and food, water etc. And we travel with special permit from the wife of president Kabila.
This is a once-in a live-time expedition, only 3 white men have ever been there. The first was a Belgian Doctor to test the water. The second was Tyson Roberts and American Ichthyologist, and Heiko Bleher was the only other person, who actually went twice.

Lac Fwa is the number 1 Dream Lake on earth, and the largest natural untouched nature aquarium in freshwater on the planet. This is for no nature lover to miss. Will never happen again…

For those who wishes to participate to real ichtyological expedition, please contact: [email protected]

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