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26 thoughts on “My Account

    1. rossella

      sorry but I did not know that you had not received the pdf file. I send it immediately via WeTransfer.
      Sorry again

  1. colino

    There was a mistake with my adress, the zip code ist not right, i already changed it right after ordering, but i think it was sent to the wrong adress.
    p.s. do you have an email adress where i contact you?

    1. rossella

      Dear Ernesto we have send the book 27 february. Tracking n. 2037F0000252S SDA express courier.
      I check and inform you asap.

  2. Ernesto

    Hello, again.
    Good news, Today in the morning I had recived the book at my post office, everything ok.
    The book is amazing, wonderful, thank you, Great job.

  3. dcse


    Can You please tell me the price for all discus books in complete with shhiping cost to Bosnia and herzegovina?



    1. rossella

      Dear Amir,
      for 2 book (Bleher’s Discus Vol 1 and 2) english language = shipping cost: courrier Euro 48,75 – Mbag registred Euro 24,90
      If you confirm the order please send us you address and telephone number.

  4. Keith

    I made a payment via PayPal for Bleher’s Biotopes book for €107.50. The payment shows in your account as of 3/4/2015. Order#136768. I checked the status of my account and the order shows canceled. Are you going to refund my money or mail the book?

  5. discus001

    Hola buenos días le saludos desde México, paso a encargarle la guía para su rastreo de mi número de orden: #137113. Si de favor me lo pudieran enviar por FedEx Express o por UPS
    Hello good morning greetings to him from Mexico, entrust step guide for tracking my order number: # 137113. If you could please send me by FedEx Express or UPS

  6. discus001

    Hola le encargo de favor se me envié lo mas pronto posible los 3 libros que ya pague por PayPal y el tiempo de llegada a México Orden #137113
    Me mantengo a la espera de su pronta respuesta

    Custom hello you please send me as soon as possible 3 books and pay by PayPal and time of arrival in Mexico Order # 137113
    I keep waiting for your prompt response
    Greetings …

  7. ekkaratk

    My order #137131 was placed on 17 May 2015. Can you provide me an estimate delivery time and also tracking number please?
    Best regards,

    1. rossella

      Dear Ekkaratk,
      you order delivery yesterday 19 may, tracking number 2037F0000300S. I think you received max 25 May.
      Best Regards

  8. Marcello

    hi again, any idea on when my most recent order #140966 could be delivered to me??

    order had been placed on 6th of november

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