New biotope aquarium from ADG

Houston, Texas, USA – July-August 2012


The great ADG (Aquarium Design Group) from Houston, Texas, is following Heiko Bleher’s footsteps decorating biotope aquariums according to nature. In 2004 already they have decorated a beautiful aquarium for tank bred Discus with Echinodorus bleherae (see DISCUSBOOK01) and for the decoration they asked Heiko for advice. This aquarium had become known as ‘Heiko’s Lesson’ and won the best prices all over the US in 2004. Now they are doing a giant aquarium for wild Discus ‘inspired by Heiko Bleher’s expeditions’. See preview below and also their decoration for another, smaller, aquarium in our Video section. And one can see the ADG website with many biotope aquariums as well.



Houston, Texas, USA – July-August 2012

This is the decoration for an wild Discus biotope aquarium by the Aquarium Design Group of Houston Texas also inspired by Heiko Bleher. The only thing Heiko suggests to ad to such a biotope is some floating plants, as there is to much light for the wild discus as it is now, otherwise it is nicely done.



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