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Life above and below water

In this volume: Marajó – Kingdom of the sea snakes – Gorgona – Portfolio – Yamur – Cheyu-do – Ethiopia, Part I – Lago di Corino – Flower invasion

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Life above and below water

In this volume:

Photos: Roger Leguen and others – Drawings: ag archives  –Text: ag editorial team
A dream island? Even if you don’t agree, Marajo is still the largest river island on Earth, yet little known in the outside world. A wildlife paradise (at least some of the time) beyond compare – but a threatened one…….


Photos: Clay Bryce and Gerald R. Allen – Text: Clay Bryce (with an introduction by Gerald R. Allen)
There are some 50 species of highly venomous sea snakes, and the largest assemblage inhabits a small reef off northern Australia. Clay Bryce and Gerald R. Allen went there to research this ag exclusive, and brought back a fascinating selection of photos.

Photos: Erling Svensen – Text: Rudolf Svensen
Gorgona is another island, equally little known, this time in the Pacific, off the coast of Colombia. This little (24 km?) patch of land, with its breathtaking flora and fauna, is rigorously protected, and is a real pearl beyond price.

Photos: Patrick Louisy – Text: Patrick Louisy and the ag team
This issue’s Portfolio displays the work of the renowned French nature and underwater photographer Patrick Louisy, and includes fish eyes (real and dummy) plus unique photos of the adaptation of primitive creatures to their environment.

Photos: Dr Gerald R. Allen and others – Drawings: Burkhard Kahl – Text: Dr Gerald R. Allen and the ag team
Yammur, Jamor, or Jamoer? Whatever that may be (a question we posed in the last issue). In actuality it is a lake, which has been visited by researchers on just two occasions. Our freelance contributor Dr Gerald R. Allen was a member of the second expedition into this impenetrable region of Irian Jaya.

Photos: Jurgen Freund – Text: Evelyn Seegers
The Svensen brothers describe the island of Chejo-do off southern South Korea, together with its culture and traditions, following their participation in the world diving championships held there.

Text & Photos: Heiko Bleher – Drawings: ag archives
Ethiopia, part 1, is the first in a series about a country that often hits the headlines and has received extensive media coverage. But there has been no previous detailed study of its flora and fauna, its life above and below water, its ancient traditions and culture, and its incredibly rich history. We have set ourselves the task of rectifying this omission, and hope you will not be disappointed by our efforts…

Text & Photos: Adriano Penco
In the extreme Northeast of Italy lies a crystal-clear lake, surrounded by a picturesque redoubt of the griffon vulture, now protected as a nature reserve. Not to be missed!

Photos: Ron Watson & Burkhard Kahl – Text: Ron Watson
Flower Invasion is a tribute to the blossoms of the world, telling how and when these splendid creations first appeared on Planet Earth.

Available in 5 languages


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