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Life above and below water

In this volume: Iténez – White giants – Mattanza – Portfolio – Dr. Schmidt-Focke – Komodo – Porquerolles – Medusa – Wrasses: Fishes that build nests – Mississippi

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Life above and below water

In this volume:

Photos: Amanda, Irene, and Heiko Bleher & ag archives – Text: Amanda Bleher – Introduction and conclusion: Heiko Bleher (pp. 6-19)
Iténez is a story that would make a good film script. There can be hardly any other woman who has experienced and done so much, and 43 years on her son has followed in her footsteps.

Text and Photos: Ralf Kiefner and Elsbeth Ernst (pp. 20-34)
There are two giants in the Arctic: one up to 3.66 m tall and weighing in at nearly a t.; the other up to 7 m long and tipping the scales at 1.5 t. Both are white, playful, and adapted to life in water. More on page 20…


Photos: Massimo Brega – Text: Simone Stenti (pp. 36-50)
Much has been written about the Mattanza: the annual tuna fishery off the coast of Sardinia is a famous massacre (mattanza= massacre). Two Italians have taken another look at the ritual and the history behind it, and illustrate their story with previously unpublished photos.

Text and Photos: Burt Jones-Shimlock (pp. 52-55)
A really top-class portfolio: American photographer Burt Jones Shimlock captures Komodo under water.

Photos: Heiko Bleher and Eduard Schmidt-Focke – Text: Heiko Bleher (pp. 56-68)
He was the pioneer of the “Discus World”, but not only that. He brought pleasure to millions of people, many of whom he never met. A legend in his own lifetime, who left us recently. A tribute by a friend.

When we hear Komodo mentioned, we immediately think of the endangered giant lizards, but rarely stop to consider what else might be there. Our regular contributor Dr G. R. Allen has teamed up with an American to bring you something quite unique, illustrated with outstanding photographs.
Photos: G. R. Allen and Burt Jones-Shimlock/Secret Sea – Text: G. R. Allen (pp. 70-77)


Text and Photos: Adriano Penco (pp. 78-86)
Even in the Mediterranean there are islands where mass tourism has yet to set foot (good thing, too!). An Italian nature-lover tells us why he has fallen
in love with a French refugium.

Text & Photos: Tony Karacsonyi – Box: ag archives (pp. 88-97)
One might regard this fascinating article as a study of the origins of life. Medusa are not just mythological beings, but unbelievable real-life creatures.

Text, Photos and Drawings: Patrick Louisy (pp. 98-104)
What prompts fishes to behave like underwater birds? Are birds descended from fishes then?! A very interesting study by our freelance contributor Patrick Louisy, together with unique photos.

Text and Photos: Ron Watson (pp. 106-111)
In this issue we begin a series on the different forests of our planet. The first, by Ron Watson, describes the forest and the life of the Mississippi delta.

Available in 4 languages


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