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Life above and below water

In this volume: La grande ile – Almizilero – Malaita – Portfolio – Kamaka, Lakamora, Aiwaso – Hermit crabs – Brachydanio – Cephalopoda – Potamogetonaceae

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Life above and below water

In this volume:


Photos: Klaus Liebel, Wolfgang Schmidt and others – Text: Wolfgang Schmidt and the ag Editorial Team

Is there still time to save the flora and fauna of Madagascar, above and below water? Or will the entire country soon be a desert? An up-to-date report on the national parks and relict forests of the north-east of the country, with a summary of the status of the plants and animals.


Photos & Text: Armin Maywald

The desman, a tiny mammal with an outsize nose, and which inhabits the mountain streams of the Pyrenees, is now rare, endangered, and as unknown as it is unusual. Photographer Armin Maywald has been hot on its trail


Photos & Text: Astrid Witte

What is Malaita? A disease? A people? Or a country? None of these! Malaita is a still (almost) unspoiled paradise in the Pacific. Astrid Witte has been investigating the secrets of the shark-callers, and has brought back this exclusive report for ag.


Paintings & Text: Walderedo de Oliveira

The cover photo of the last issue of ag was just a foretaste: now Brazilian painter Walderedo de Oliveira shows us more of his imaginative pictures, capturing the spirit of the rainforest on canvas.


Photos: Gerald R. Allen and Heiko Bleher – Text: Gerald R. Allen

American ichthyologist Dr Gerald R. Allen, who now lives in Australia, had to overcome indescribable physical hardships in order to become one of the first white men to reach the Triton Lakes in New Guinea and investigate their previously unknown fish faunas.


Photos: Clay Bryce and others – Text: Clay Bryce and ag Editorial Team

The fascinating lifestyle and incredible colours of some of the strangest inhabitants of our planet: occupiers of borrowed homes complete with “lodgers” to guard them!


Photos: Burkard Kahl, Frank Kirschbaum and Heiko Bleher – Text: Heiko Bleher

Danios – the discovery and history of these tiny jewels, some of the most popular fishes for both aquarium maintenance and scientific research.


Photos: Kurt Amsler and Patrick Louisy – Drawings: Aquaprint archives – Text: Andreas Spätling

Alien beings in the depths of our oceans! Cephalopods – the most intelligent invertebrates in the entire history of the Earth. Their evolution and biology, together with a little of the mythology surrounding them, are described here by German biologist Andreas Spätling.


Photos & Text: Heiko Bleher – Drawings: Aquaprint archives

The largest flowering freshwater plants by one whose family have been involved with them for three generations.

Available in 5 languages


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