Bleher’s Biotopes 2


Bleher’s Biotopes in Nature and in Aquaria – 2

2nd Volume of Heiko Bleher’s new yearly publication (PDF to download).

Language-Langue: English – Français
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It shows again the real aquatic world in nature, the expeditions to collect life aquatic creatures and plants, to bring them back alive and introduce them into the most beautiful hobby in the world. Heiko wants for readers to see how fishes live naturally and how they should be kept in aquaria, for people to have the healthiest, nature-like environment in their home, office or school. To stimulate every nature and animal lover to have (or create) a biotope-correct-aquarium. In order to appreciate the aquarium even more, and to have their fishes feel like “at home” in such a natural environment.

This is the second volume with new biotopes from 4 Continents available only in English and French and only as PDF-file to download...

Language-Langue: English – Français

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