Indian Ocean


Tropical Fish Guide
by Helmut Debelius

(In English language)
Indian ocean is a guide to a wealth of tropical fish and all presented in living colour with exeptional underwater photographs…

(Ouvrage en anglais)
Indian ocean est un guide sur la richesse des poissons tropicaux, faisant honneur à leur splendeur colorée à travers d’exceptionnelles photographies sous-marines…

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INDIAN OCEAN is a guide to a wealth of tropical fish and all presented in living colour with exeptional underwater photographs. Over 930 photographs by the author and other famous photographers; fishes in their natural environment. All ingridients of a truly unique guide.
INDIAN OCEAN covers the fishes of the western Indian Ozean and includes the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf photographed in such exotic locations as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and eastern Africa, just to name a few.
Many fishes, sharks, rays, tunas, jacks and marlins are presented for the first time as living animals in phtographs from that region, previosly only represented in drowings, or dead hung up as a trophy.
The systematic listing includes class, order, family and subfamily. A complete account is given for the families represented by this book from the western Indian Ocean. All genera and species bear the scientific name as well as the popular name.
This beautiful guide is an absolute must for nature lovers, divers, fisherman and professionale who want something up to date and not a return of pictures seen hundred times before. Don´t pass up your opportunity to own a copy. Order now.
Information about each species includes their length, behaviour, juvenile colour, and  reproduction  when known is given. As shown on the photographs.
INDIAN OCEAN Tropical Fish Guide. Helmut Debelius
Hardcover 15×23 cm. 320 pages, over 930 photographs

In English language

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