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“Keep’em alive!” 1

By Heiko Bleher

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A new and exciting adventure series “Keep´em alive!”
by Heiko Bleher

In his new video series “Keep´em alive!”, the world-famous explorer, photographer, ichthyologist, and nature lover Heiko Bleher takes us to places that most of us can dream about, showing us the fascinating freshwater flora and fauna of our planet and introducing us to the history, cultures, and traditions ot its (forgotten) peoples.
His object to collect aquatic animals and plants that are threated with extinction and to keep them alive an captivity, so that future generation as well as our own can enjoy them and learn from them. Many such species have already become extinct – often without our beeing aware of their lost – through biotop destruction, pollution, dams built with no thought for the consequences, and the introduction of the exotics.
Travel with him to regione wich are for the most part unexplored and never previosly photographed, and experience the fascination of their inique lifeforms.
In this, the first of the series, Heiko teels us the story of his grandfather, Adolf Kiel, the “father of aquatic plants”; of his intrepid mother, Amanda Bleher, and her incredible expedition to South America, accopanied by her 4 small children, in search of the legendary wimple piranha; and of his oun recent jouney, folowing in her footsteps to the remote Mato Grosso in Brasil, in order to bring this remarkable fish back alive for the first time.

BL Video Aquapress
Camera: Jörg Walter, Heiko Bleher and Dieter Untergasser
Montange and Sound: Dieter Untergasser
Playtime 45 minute

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