1st Discus Championship in Hungary

Hungary – Budapest, 29 March – 1st April 2012

logo-champ.jpgHeiko Bleher wa invited to judge the first Discus Championship in Budapest, Hungary end of this month. This is an honour, especially as it is the first of such an event ever in Hungary. Read the details of this event …




Zoltan Orosi of Exotfish Ltd. in Budapest has invited Heiko Bleher to do the 1st Discus Champiopnship in the country, to take place from 29th March to 1st April, 2012. Heiko was asked to establish the categories and to judge. Having only up to 30 aquariums but large, he is doing a different (actually unique) competition.
The judgement will be done in groups of fishes (from 3 to 6 in each aquarium) as this will give a better exposure to each breeder. To show the uniformity of the fishes each breeder has.
Therefore the following rules apply:

1. Every breeder has to have/bring at least 3 – maximum 6 – discus of one breeding kind (if possible of one established strain) for each aquarium. And a maximum of 3 entries, that is 3 aquariums with the same, or better different groups in each, is allowed for one breeder.

2. Heiko Bleher will judge for the homogeneity of their breeding: the line breeding quality of each breeder (how similar they look to each other), and naturally judge also the shape, proportions, fins, eyes, pattern- and base colour.

The following categories and their homogeneity will be judged:

A) Striped Turquoise


B) Solid Turquoise (that is only green or blue – but including what some call diamond, etc.)


C) Red (everything from Rose, San Merah, Red Moon, Red and white face, Red Alenquer, etc.)


D) Pattern (this should include everyone which are called Snake, Pigeon, Checkerboard – unless you all have enough for Fine Pattern and Coarse Pattern, than make two categories, but I think you do not have it).



E)  Unclassifiable (everything that is not in the above, such as Ghost, White, Yellow, Red & White, Hybrids, etc.)


The category Wild will be optional.

All entries should be in the aquariums 2 days before, latest in the morning – 10 AM – of the 30th of March.

One of prizes given besides the trophies are:
The Grand champion receives BLEHER’S DISCUS  volume 1 and BLEHER’S DISCUS volume 2, plus one copy of each DISCUSBOOK01 and DISCUSBOOK02

The 1st in each category receives BLEHER’S DISCUS volume 1 and BLEHER’S DISCUS volume 2
The 2nd in each category receives BLEHER’S DISCUS volume 2
The 3rd in each category gets one copy each of DISCUSBOOK01 and DISCUSBOOK02
And every other participant gets one DISCUSBOOK02

This will be a great and very unique event, and hopefully to be copied in many other parts (championships) of the world. See also: http://www.akvarista.hu/
And for the Hotel:


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