The boom of the Biotope Aquarium Contest is almost unbelievable, alone this year there are at least 4 such contests taking place around the globe, where Heiko Bleher was invited to judge and participate (as well as to coordinate some of those and to invite the additional judges). The first we announce today are:

1) Biotope Aquarium Design Contest taking place from 1 July to 31 August 2014 for participants to enter their aquarium with detailed description and photos, see: – for rules and applications for the on-line contest. The 5 winner will be invited to Sankt Petersburg and decorate another biotope aquarium during the famous yearly Zoosphere there, a prize money and diploma.

Biotope Aquarium Contest2) The Croation Biotope Aquarium Contest (CAC) – application are already running from 25 May to 15 August, and also here participants send their biotope aquarium photos and detailed description to be judged on line. For the rules of the CAC see: and during the incredible AkTerFest 2014 from 1-5 October, the 5 on-line winners will be brought to Zagreb to decorate a new biotope aquarium while the visitors can watch and naturally get their flight and lodging from any European country paid for and a prize as well as a diploma.

 Croatian Biotope Aquarium Contest 2014

The other Biotope Aquarium Contests from around the world will be announced soon.

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