Conference at Association Belge des Cichlidophiles

Belgium, Bois d’Haine (Manage), 12 November 2010

The Association Belge des Cichlidophiles had invited Heiko Bleher for the first time Belgium Cichlid Association. Over 60 participants came from all over Belgium to assist Heiko’s two Lectures: 1. The northern black water tributaries of the Amazon River; and 2. Iranocichla – the unique Iranian cichlid, and its 3 or 4 different populations – researched by Heiko Bleher during two recent expeditions. It was a very friendly and nice get together, with a diner before in a very good Italian restaurant. See also their homepage:

Below the two titles of the lectures:

ImageImageThank you Eric Gabrys, thank you Association Belge des Cichlidophiles

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