Anyone from around the globe can take part in on-line World Biotope/Aquascape Contest.

You can apply for contests from January 15th 2016. till April 30. 2016.

First stage is online. After May 1st 2016. judges will evaluate entries. Owners of top 5 aquariums will be invited to by May 15th to come to Cassano Magnago (Va), Milan, Italy, for the final – on-location contest and to take part in live setting up aquariums in front of judges and visitors.

Invitations for finalists will be send latest on May 15th 2016. The finalists get a reimbursement of 250 Euro for travel expenses and paid accommodation for 3 nights (including breakfast).

Guidelines for biotope aquariums:

Please send minimum three (3) clear pictures of your biotope. One must be frontal photo.

The biotope aquarium entered shouldn’t be older than three (3) month – not decorated earlier – and must not have been in any other contest before!

Biotope correct plants and fish (appropriate fauna for size of the aquarium!) are mandatory!

Biotope should be named accordingly (Use precise location; names such as ‘Amazon’ biotope, or even ‘South America’, have hardly a chance to win).

Include history of location and habitat (what normally lives there and in its surrounding area), including biotope description (typical text examples can be found in the DISCUSBOOK series, and in BLEHER’S BIOTOPES – the new exclusive book about aquatic biotopes). Chemical water parameters should be added as well.

Guidelines for aquascape aquariums:

Please send minimum three (3) clear pictures of your aquascape. One must be frontal photo.

Use only appropriate fauna for size of the aquarium.

Aquascapes must be oriented to look natural. Unnatural rockwork with only few plants or aquariums with elements like underwater trees will get less points then Nature aquascape.

The aquascape aquarium entered shouldn’t be older than six (6) months – and must not have been in any other INTERNATIONAL contest before!

First Name:

Last name:



Phone Number:

Im applying for:



Title of biotope/aquascape:

Aquarium size (liters): .

Aquarium dimensions (cm) :

Equipment (lightning, filter, substrate, etc..):



Other animals:

Description (Biotope only, please include detailed description):


Please send filled in form together with minimum 3 photos (one must be frontal) to:

For AQUASCAPE: [email protected]

For BIOTOPE: [email protected]

If you don’t receive confirmation email within 3 days, please contact us by email (see below)


If you have problems with this entry form, copy-paste required information in email and fill it there.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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