Lectures at the All Catfish Convention 2012

USA – Dulles, 17-21 October, 2012

200-logo-final.jpgThe Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is proud to present its fifth bi-annual All-Aquarium Catfish Convention. Sherry Mitchell the president of the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society and Co-Chair for the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2012, together with Gerry Hoffman, have with great effort invited the very best catfish experts from Europe and America. And Heiko Bleher will hold four lectures … See below the abstracts of his lectures:


Thursday evening:
1. Catfishes of the Iriri River

Heiko Bleher was the first in history to do research and collect in the upper Iriri River and found several new catfish species, of the families Loricariidae and Callichthyidae. He will present many photos of this, adventures expedition.

2. True history of the Blue-eye Pleco

Heiko Bleher went back to the Magdalena Valley in 2011 and was able to make amazing discoveries and he found out the truth about the Blue-eye extinction in that river basin in Tolima, Colombia. He will also present in this talk some of his findings of the same year in the upper Atabapo (Venezuela) basin, including underwater films with the discovery of new Dekeyseria species.

3. The amazing biology of some catfishes


Heiko Bleher will show some species of the family Pimelodidae, Loricariidae, Callichthyidae and Tricomycteridae with unique photos about some of their never before recorded biology and behavior – behavior aspects he discovered only in recent years never published anywhere else before.

Saturday at the Dinner Banquet:
4. The spawning migration of about 2 billion catfishes


Heiko was able to assist a migration of members of all 10 known catfish families recorded from the Amazon basin migrating to their spawning ground together. He followed their migration for roughly 20 km and came up with over 2,000,000,000 catfishes migrating together and thousands of birds watching … Heiko Bleher is probably the only one in history who ever recorded this.

For additional information and details, as well as registration, contact go to their official website for the convention … http://catfishcon.com/#

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