Lectures in Moscow at Dennerle Nanocube & Design Contest 2012

Russia – Moscow, 15-17 November, 2012


After the very successful JBL-Biotope Aquarium Contest (see), the Russian enterprise UNITEX is doing with Dennerle, Germany, which they also represent, a Nanocube contest, which Heiko Bleher has also been invited to judge and to give 2 conferences.

The very active UNITEX company in Russia, which represents JBL and Dennerle from Germany exclusively, has coordinated with Dennerle this time another contest, that of Nano aquarium decorations. And Heiko Bleher was invited again to judge and to give two semianrs, see below, also see their website.
Judging takes place for Heiko Bleher on the 15th November, 2013, and the Seminars on 16 November, 2012, as follows




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