Seminars at Aquatics Live

England – London, 19-20 November, 2011

1_london_nov2011.jpg AQUATICS LIVE in London at the Olympia will took place during the 19th and 20th of November in this famous hall and was aimed to be the greatest event for aquarists ever held in the UK, which it was without any doubt. Heiko Bleher was invited to hold a 2-day seminar together with other top speakers from around the world. There were special Seminar Theatres and national associations and clubs as well as hundreds of exhibitors present from all over the UK and abroad. This event no one, should have missed. And everyone should come next years, when it will open its doors again in November 2012. Jeremy Gay, the editor in chief at PFK, introduced Heiko at Aquatics Live. See also


Heiko Bleher’s Seminars:

Saturday 19th November – Seminar Theatre 2

11.30-12.15 – The Rio Preto Expedition – an illustrated account.
02.30-03.15 – Bleher’s nature biotopes – how fishes live in nature and what is the best way to acclimatise and keep them in aquaria.

Sunday 20th November – Seminar Theatre 2
10.30-11.15 – Strange, rare and oddballs in the aquarium.
02.30-03.15 – Past, present and future of the aquarium hobby worldwide.






The upper 4 where Heiko Bleher’s Presentations, but there were other top speakers. Chris Lukhaup (above) did talks about his special field: the shrimps and crabs and about some of his field trips. At one time there were over 300 listening to the talks from all over Europe and even from as far as Australia. This was probably the best of any aquatic seminar ever held in the UK…. Don’t miss the 2012 edition, where Heiko and Chris will talk again …   

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