Visit to the Animal Station, Nidal Rezeq, in Athens, Greece

01-1054_athens_apr2012.jpgThis is a great crowed of Greek guys helping to make the 1st. International Eastern Mediterranean Discus Championship and the  1st International Biotope Aquarium Contest a unique reality – guided by Nidal Rezeq. See on facebook!/pages/Best-of-Discus/260810567344734 and

02-1052_athens_apr2012.jpgWhen Heiko Bleher visited Animal Station everyone wanted to make a photo …


… photo …

04-1051_athens_apr2012.jpg… also with Nidal Rezeq (centre) and dear friend …


… this is Nidal’s right hand in the shop, and his girlfriend


The Animal Station shop is one of the best known in all of Greece, Nidal Rezeq is a very hard worker and excellent fish lover and caretaker. He went with Heiko to the Amazon once, unforgettable expedition (and wants to come again…), see


For Nidal’s friend he decorated a beautiful discus biotope aquarium, with a magnificent piece of driftwood …


… this friends aquarium has tank bred discus (which Heiko thought should be wilds instead), Hemigrammus bleheri, Paracheirodon axelrodi and some Corydoras and Otocinclus species …


…the discus hide exactly as in nature under the driftwood


Heiko Bleher is always in Athens invited to a great restaurant with the best traditional Greek food of a certain region, and always with the best friends … the same will happen during the upcoming championships


The most amazing thing was, that Nidal, with his wife Virginia, had just recently a baby and the boy will only eat in front of the rainbowfish aquarium in their home … this is an early start

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