Frank Zen

I was present for that good biotope assembly, and just the event for my birthday, several colleagues made it feel like it was my birthday party , good gifts that day, the experience and adventures of the teacher and friend were spectacular and unforgettable Heiko, we are pending our meeting in Italy due to the current situation, as soon as everything improves there I will be visiting what is for you the best place to live, who knows soon I will be living there


Xtina Shrimp

Heiko Bleher this is why you are my favorite person on the planet!


In reference to Bill Gates Note: 23.06.2020

I would like to participate, BUT I AM AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE. We cannot change climate, did not change it in Millions of years. This is a cycle no one wants to believe (at least 95% of it), as everyone seem to have only one goal, and that is to take advantage of it and make money from it, and make them self popular, or more popular. One of the greatest Ichthyologist that lived and I worked with for over 30 years (I am also and ichthyologist Lawrence Kent knows me, besides Limnologist, Parasitologist – working for 33 years with virus’s on fishes – Oceanographer, Biologist and Botanist (as my late mother, woman of the 20th century for sure). I am a explorer, (discovered and rediscovered 7920 fish species as of 31.12.2019 and many aquatic plants, some have my name), writer (written published monographs and large books never written or printed before – see and and traveled 221 countries extensively on nearly 1000 expeditions. I have seen things hardly anyone has any idea off, and learned with all tropical diseases, having had 58 Malaria attacks already and read, and I see that every single information on the 4 known parasites are false. NO ONE IS TELLING (or knows) the truth of it. Every single medicine against it is a lie, false, not worth, except for the manufacturer. I do not watch TV, nor radio, do not believe the least in the Media, only what my eyes see and I experienced, the facts of what is happening. My book is the probably only one til today telling the truth about the Amazon, as no one does. I lived with it (550 Amazon expeditions every year, living with Indians today extinct). I never worked for anyone, all my life autonomous and always working very hard, buy I love my work, not being like a sheep like the 98% of the people of this planet.


“Non ho pazienza per alcune cose, non perché sia diventata arrogante, semplicemente perché sono arrivata a un punto della mia vita in cui non mi piace più perdere tempo con ciò che mi dispiace o ferisce. Non ho pazienza per il cinismo, critiche eccessive e richieste di qualsiasi natura. Ho perso la voglia di compiacere chi non mi aggrada, di amare chi non mi ama e di sorridere a chi non mi sorride. Non dedico più un minuto a chi mente o vuole manipolare. Ho deciso di non convivere più con la presunzione, l’ipocrisia, la disonestà e le lodi a buon mercato. Non tollero l’erudizione selettiva e l’arroganza accademica. Non mi adeguo più al provincialismo e ai pettegolezzi. Non sopporto conflitti e confronti. Credo in un mondo di opposti, per questo evito le persone rigide e inflessibili. Nell’amicizia non mi piace la mancanza di lealtà e il tradimento. Non mi accompagno con chi non sappia elogiare o incoraggiare. I sensazionalismi mi annoiano e ho difficoltà ad accettare coloro a cui non piacciono gli animali. Soprattutto, non ho nessuna pazienza per chi non merita la mia pazienza.”

(Meryl Streep)




Robert Kerr Edstrom

I remember the comment at the first international cichlid convention. Your cohort said “Rambo is chicken shit next to you”


Christa Redschlag Geb Zaun

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 10. Geburtstag liebe Amanda.

Gesundheit, Glück und viel Freude mit ebensoviel Spaß im neuen Lebensjahr. Und noch viele spannende Expeditionen mit Deinem Papa. Ganz liebe Grüße aus Konstanz wünscht Dir Christa (ein Fan von Deinem Papa )


Martin Teglia

felicidades tomar conciencia de cada momento con Amanda eso es inteligente disfrutando cada dia genial


Zach Apicelli

Heiko Bleher you’re welcome. Please do it. I’d love to donate.


Zach Apicelli

Heiko Bleher set up a go fund me page. Let the people “hobbiest” help you make it happen. I def would buy one.


From Brad Jackson. 09.09.2020

I’m constantly amazed by your upbeat positive outlook despite man’s disregard for being a good steward of this wonderful planet of ours. Heiko Bleher you are one that keeps me going and helps me keep a forward-looking vision for this planet. Thank you my friend.


Robert Kerr Edstrom

She will be writing the book of terrestrial animals to go along with your aquatic animal books. She will be the successive Bleher naturalist like her father and grandparents how exciting.



Josef Ellul, YES, many (most, or better all) Corydoras do a breeding migration once a year at the end of the dry season up into protected areas, mostly very small shallow creeks. Their eggs are 100% protected and will almost never be eaten, often the females die. The young hatched larvae have plenty to eat as the water rises and all the food they need will be available, and naturally they grow fast and go down river again onto the sandy beaches, were they spend their live, hardly anywhere else. Corydoras are almost never eaten by any predator, they have terrible spines and extract poison once any predator wants to swallow them out of their pectoral fin-base. Anyone who had been pinched knows this, it hurts for maybe 10 minutes or more and always suck it out and spit it



Howard Vyse



Hoàng Cầm

im from Viet Nam, and in my country you so famous on aquatic community. respect you


Simon Vince

Heiko Bleher loving these posts! A little jealous of your adventures.



Jeremy Leighty

Heiko Bleher threw your journeys and writing about those travels I’ve gained such incite regarding people,customs,& political activities from all over.I owe you a debt of gratitude for sharing your experiences with myself and rest of the world.Thank you sir!



Jon RaVill

Gracias por existir maestro!

For Hekel Discus

Heiko Bleher: Teacher with great admiration and respect celebrated the day of his birthday and the joy of having in his hands the most beautiful and wonderful work that could exist, I hope someday I can meet and express all my admiration and respect, thanks for all that still remains For learning you.


This was taken right before the green water treatment it’s no wonder wild discus r considered the dream fish by many hobbyists, and inspired so many ppl in the early 1960s to journey to the deep rainforest of Brazil to find them!

Among the many, one of the most prolific pioneers, whom is also the authority on wild discus is Mr Heiko Bleher! @heiko.bleher

Just turned 76, Heiko has explored many parts of the Amazonas, discovering and documenting many species thru out his whole life! I was so fortunate to join him on an expedition just last year, and man was it hard work (although so fun!) People in the hobby may or may not agree with his opinion on things, but one thing is certain, the amount of the work this man did for the aquarium hobby and the documentation of freshwater species, is just incredibly valuable! All along the our trip, whether it was during the plane ride in a WW2 era propeller plane, or on the grueling boat ride upstream, Heiko is also writing down copious amount of notes, documenting the location, water parameters, geo characteristics, fish classifications, indigenous cultures and many other fascinating subjects of study.

He’s working on a new book, which is an autobiography, which excites me to no end, because the life of this man lived is nothing short of a legend!

Go follow him and buy his books 👍 for my Indian followers, did u kno Heiko has produced two heavy volumes of books that cover the many species of fish of India?



Miguel Angel Flores Marquez

Ohhhh sin palabras gracias por compartir tus grandes expediciones es todo un orgullo más por la habilidad del piloto al llegar a la cueva y mostrarnos su esplendor del lugar

Cómo siempre lo mejor se le desea estimado amigo mucha suerte cómo siempre en todo momento saludos


Marten Luter Salossa

Always nice to get the great story from other remoted parts of the world from your fishing trip.


Margarita Lerea

Lo hermoso de esos lugares termina cuando llega el hombre.


Miguel Angel Flores Marquez

Hermosa fotografía lo más hermoso para un padre tan grandioso eh inolvidable


Kyle Neufeld

That is amazing, to see this place would be such a gift. Incredible


Robert Kerr Edstrom

The answer my friend is in your first sentence “where ever I go with my daughter”. She is all things with you, she will I’m sure continue to be the successor naturalist of the Bleher family. How really wonderful.


Anne Walker

So glad you are able to travel and bring these things to light for what is really going on. I love all the photos and am grateful to you for sharing them. It is places I will never be able to go but through your photos I still get to see it all. Keep them coming


Francesco Marcelli

Sei un esploratore fantastico



Francesco Marcelli

Heiko Bleher tu hai visto posti che neanche DIO conosce



Andre Nascimento

Um verdadeiro achado da fauna aquática em um lindo paraíso nas Ilhas Celebes.Não o conhecia .Um peixe agulha magnífico! Parabéns


José Guilherme Moreira

Love these posts by We were just talking a little bit on the phone a while ago (he turned 76 years old on October 18th), having told him at the time that I wish I could see him post more episodes of his numerous farms, because he has an odd knowledge of the ecological crimes that have been committed against water biotopes over the past decades. Heiko is a researcher and ichthyologist and is well known and respected among the scientific community (it is an inescapable name for the many millions of aquariusphiles around the world). Everyone we know of his magnificent work owes him a lot and I firmly believe that the project he has been developing (collecting and compiling very detailed information about biotopes around the world, in particular those most threatened) will welcome in the future soon attention that you rightly deserve. Unfortunately, history shows us that it’s always been like this: we only appreciate things when we lose them or are at risk of losing them. That’s why I really enjoyed seeing this post “. “. “. look at these photos in your country. When I go to Venezuela, we’re going on a tour around here, right? Very good. Very good. And the fish in the pictures are beautiful.



Martin Teglia

Heiko Bleher es un gusto para mi que compartas tus viajes y experiencias con nosotros contribuyendo a la preservacion y al respeto por toda la vida en la naturaleza .



José Guilherme Moreira

Very good Let’s all share, because these photos and experiences deserve to be disclosed (and I’m not just talking to people who like aquariums). Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau once said that in order to protect nature you have to love it and to know how to love it you have to start by knowing it. I absolutely agree with these premises and I have no doubt we all need to urgently wake up to the true Conservation awareness. Because that change soon, we have to make it a cause. Well, in order to really fight for a cause it’s essential to have a strong bond, of true love, with it. And with these posts “, there are still many species in the world to discover. Testimonies like these were worth going viral. Here’s my appeal for us all to do our part then and make sure to reach more people. Thanks again for sharing Heiko A hug. A hug.

José Guilherme Moreira

From the series – Aquatic Biotopes “, Season 1, Episode – Palau – by “, 1 Delight yourself with the photos, even if you don’t have a particular interest in fauna and water flora details. For those of you who don’t know, Palau is south of the Philippines. North Indonesia and western end of Micronesia. Do you see what I’m talking about when I say that this aquarium hobby is extremely pedagogical and interdisciplinary? We start by locating a point on the map, studying the climate of the region (temperature is the most decisive factor in geographic distribution of species and understanding climate change is crucial for us to realize the pace of life), then we go to geography (altitude altitude , the impact of geology on the physico-chemical conditions of the environment (particularly in water), the adaptation and evolution of species to the conditions of the region (including their morphology, eating habits, trophic relations and sombs) etc etc. This is how we get to the biotope aquariums, the ′′ nec plus ultra ′′ of the ′′ hobby “, that point where what was supposed to be a mere entertainment opened the doors to science, knowledge. However, if there are still so many species we don’t know, how we can have a really comprehensive and understanding of all interdependent relationships between them?! All Science is intrinsically connected to nature (even metaphysical thinking has emerged for us humans , trying to explain phenomena we’ve seen and guessed but couldn’t understand). And the reality is that the more secrets of the natural world we discover the clearer our awareness of the dimension of our ignorance and how much we still need to discover and understand. We’re only sure: that, like all of us will one day die, Nature can also die if we continue to sloppy. Only she’s life support and if she can’t get the conditions for that, we’ll also be writing our suicide note. One thing leads to another. Inexorably.


Ángel Arroba

Incredible species, very good work, Heiko



José Guilherme Moreira

From the series – Aquatic Biotopes, Season 1, Episode – Rio Purité 1 ” I’m loving these posts”, but I’m going to try to help make them clearer for the laymen on the subject, thus decoding some details. For starters, the ′′ caboclos ′′ are the half-breed of white and Indians living in the Amazon region. As for the scientific name starting with Carnegiella (the vulgar name of these fish is ′′ axefish ′′ due to the shape of the fish) means that the gender designation was chosen by who first discovered these fish (if memory doesn’t betray me it was Günther…) in honor of Miss Margaret Carnegie, in an allusion to her beauty and elegance (girl and fish). Already – candiru – is the common name of some parasite catfish, world famous for some smaller species supposed to have a tendency to enter the penises of humans that bathe in rivers and lodge themselves in the urethra and then parasitize. This idea came up with ethnological reports released from the late nineteenth century, but seems devoid of foundation, as these cases are extremely rare and only in 1997 would the clinical removal of a candiru from a human urethra be documented. Heiko commented to me since much of this idea about candiru is a myth and that’s enough for me. If anyone knows about the talk when it comes to fish in that area, it’s him. I could still dissect many other delicious details that you realize the narrative of this – post – but I think that’s enough for now. The Hypselecara in the photo has magnificent colors. About 25 years ago I got some beautiful specimens of Hypselecara temporalis and managed to reproduce the species in captivity in my home. It was not particularly complicated. Recreating the conditions of their – habitat – of origin, treating them well (ensuring their well being, giving them a peaceful environment and adequate food, etc) it all becomes much more uncomplicated. It’s just like keeping any other domestic animal captive. Well, the same isn’t it, I admit… Fish live in water, an environment very different from ours and we still know very little about it. It’s even easier for us to explore the moon than the bottom of the sea. Only on the moon we still don’t see trash and deep in many rivers, lakes and above all the oceans we’ve already deposited more trash than we imagined…



Samsir Cuaca

Outstanding…with your adventures for these… I like the colors of fish has is one satisfied mine mind..



Anne Walker

Thank you so much for all you have done for the aquarium hobby.



Ebiminih Ajih

Heiko Bleher is a wonderful personally in the fish industry in the world.



MENAKJUBKAN…GOOD JOB Mr.Heiko…thank you.


Ángel Arroba

Incredible species, very good work, Heiko


Robert Kerr Edstrom

The answer my friend is in your first sentence “where ever I go with my daughter”. She is all things with you, she will I’m sure continue to be the successor naturalist of the Bleher family. How really wonderful.



Alexander Barschfan Aqualive

Ich denke es ist deine Expertise die ,die Leute so gut finden . Und ich denke das ist es,was das ganze ausmacht . Du kennst die Habitate vom Diskus und hast ja auch sehr viel über die Lebensbedingungen gelernt und welche Werte ext. Da wichtig sind



Julieta Frey

Gracias por aceptar mi solicitud, es hermoso El trabajo que realiza, incredible que su familia se hayan dedicado a esto, muchas Felicidades por su ñeta Amanda, es una gran niña que aprender día a día a respetar la naturaleza.



Howard Vyse



Mats Lintenbrink

Ind Ir

Daniel Domene

follow this genius!


Daniele Maxia

It’s always nice to read details about fishes in the wild, I believe they live in Venezuela too


Stan Sung

I love this post…

Only as you can do buddy



Mirian Castro Belmonte

Hola Heiko, todo lo que haces, investigas, construyes, con la Naturaleza , nos compartes es genial y es tu pasión , gracias y felicidades


Seleflo Cia Ltda

Excelente te felicito debe haber muy pocas personas como tu, que descubren el mundo


Ha Te

Immer eine Freude, diese tollen Beiträge..



Ángel Arroba

Otros niños estarían con un smartphone o una tablet. A mi modo de ver, es la mejor educación, que se puede enseñar, amar la madre naturaleza


Andrés Duarte

Amar a la madre de uno y a la madre naturaleza son las dos madres que uno siempre debe respetar y valorar ese es el mejor legado que le podemos dejar a nuestros hijos el ejemplo de amor infinito gracias Heiko Bleher que interesante historia


Manuel CM

Impresionante historia y una herencia magnífica


Mats Lintenbrink

Ind Ir

Daniel Domene

follow this genius!



Dewi Kervran

Les nuances de couleurs sont superbes, et je découvre grâce à vous de nouvelles espèces



Seleflo Cia Ltda

Impresionantes tus historias te felicito


Alvaro Leñero Hernandez

Incansable gracias por todo tu esfuerzo y por compartirlo


Seleflo Cia Ltda

Impresionantes tus historias te felicito


Ebiminih Ajih

Wonderful personally in the ornamental tropical fish industry.


Peter Basten

You really go that way, that your mother has gone with you and your siblings! (Yes I read the book about your mother and I loved it!)



Rainforest Natures

My attentions are drawn to the unusual discoveries of your trips always, giving some proof of previous ones, for me it worth tears, I wish the hands of clock could turn.



Andrea M. Maturi

Wow haiko..that incredible travel yuo are organaize… wanderfull.


Jose Francisco Bernabeu Gambin

Heiko Bleher es fantástico e impresiona siempre verte en el agua.



Paul Introcaso

Absolutely beautiful species and amazing locations



Edoardo Della Valle

Heiko Bleher sei un grande..ti ammiro molto..





Angon Bonsai

Because what you had done on this subject was part of history of fishes


Pablo Maximo Edgardo Albarenga Xamo

Genio total Heiko!!!


Joe Palminteri

I love your posts. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures. Merry Christmas!


Timbo Wolfe

Merry Christmas my friend and many more adventures in the new year to come!



Andrés Duarte

Typical caracids ecology, Heiko Bleher

Sometimes I think that in one of your past lives you were a characid or a cyclid hahaha. Great Christmas



This year was tough for me, despite all of that, it gave me more than all the other years had before. I wish all of you to get the same gift which I got this year, self-awareness that is. I wish all of you to stop envy-comparing to others and start to focus on your own-self. So you would dance more than to criticize, so you could pass out more smiles than tears, more kind words than haterage, and that your heart-shield would be strong. Nobody is perfect, even though it might seem so. I truly hope that everyone will find whatever they desire under the tree, or in the stocking. But remeber, the most valued item is what is inside of us, you reap what you sow. Merry Xmass, lots of love and health.



Javier Esteban Colombo

Hay un dicho que dice:” persevera y triunfarás” y tú lo has logrado! Buen año heiko..por buenas capturas y más conocimiento aún..un saludo desde Argentina


Giuseppe Peppe Di Bari

Sei una forza Heiko! Neanche la pandemia ti ferma spirito pioniere,speriamo che questo vaccino ci faccia luce nel tunnel….


Herman Oei

Happy New Year Heiko! Congratulation for starting to do expedition again after the longest time in your life for not breathing oxygen from tropical forest! Good luck!!!


Christa Redschlag

Gute Reise und komme weiter, wie Du es vorhast. Beste Gesundheit im Neuen Jahr 2021, stets mit vielen fantastischen Abenteuern und Erfolgen. Ganz viele Grüße, Christa.


Taylor Anderson

Forza Heiko!!

Happy New Year!!


Mário Ferreira

.. don’t quit that is all I may say . . . Have You ever been in Yasunari (near Ecuador) ?! . .


Cesar Armando Noyola Valle

Mis admiración hello algun dia sere como tu



Mário Ferreira

You are the best



Robert Kerr Edstrom

Oh excellant that will make a great addition to the aquarium hobby and thank you for saving a specie. I bet finding that specie you were excited. Keep finding them Heiko. Really thank you for allowing us to live vicarious through you with the virus.


Sasa Mandibula

The world becomes a prison …

So enjoy this trip and take us with you with a lot of Photographs….

And in september in real


Kris Skiera

Emilia Szczepanek

you vaccinated me a new teaser perfect for the new 360 (which I’m negotiating)


Suvrajit Pahari

We Will be indebted to you forever



Steffen Lambrix

Fantastic work – as always !!!!

Now I wish you an uncomplicated return trip !!

Stay healthy!



Reinaldo Garcia Silva

Sr Heiko, ud es una grande en el tema de acuarofilia, mis respetos


Sasa Mandibula

finding new species ist great, but finding such an amazing beautiful fish is stunning, and finding a beautifual AND small fish is one in a million.

Keep looking for more fishes like that and also for those who are not that beautiful at the first sight, at the second view they are georgeous too


Cristian Zanus Fortes

Grande Heiko Bleher! I sacrifici ripagano sempre con ottime soddisfazioni!



Jose Seo

Uno mas para tu lista de descubrimientos!!

Enhorabuena y gracias por tu enorme aportación al conocimiento y conservación de la naturaleza.


Ebiminih Ajih

Heiko Bleher is a wonderful person when come to discovery new species of the ornamental fish industry nobody can beat that history in the world.


Batako Nochebuena

Muy bonito sr Heiko Bleher este mundo tiene especies ocultas aún, y usted ha sido parte importante de acuarismo saludos desde México



V V Renjish Dwaraka

Grate, the creator created such beautiful under water Jewel’s and a few experts like you for revealing such hidden secrets to the rest of the world, thanks for you’re restless work in this pandemic situation


Yeoh Choo Guan

Heiko Bleher anyway it’s great to have Facebook. I have been a fan of your work. Amazing adventures non stop


Geradine Acosta


Gracias por compartir lindas experiencias y conocimientos!

Buen viaje !!


Carlos Nochebuena de Santiago

Muy padre, felicidades!

Buen viaje.,esperemos que en el futuro encuentres más variedades de peces, estamos agradecidos por tu esfuerzo



Babaulti Stripes Caridinacf

Precioso!!!! Gracias por su trabajo MAESTRO!



Robert Kerr Edstrom

Yea should just stay down there. Keep finding fish and send these wonderful pictures.



Ian Lumb

Thanks for sending the photos of the fish and biotope.please keep sending yhem enjoy on our behalf.if i win lottery i will fund some of your trips


Suvrajit Pahari

You inspire me everyday, my heart wants to explore the wild


Ebiminih Ajih

Heiko Bleher is a wonderful person when come to discovery new species of the ornamental fish industry nobody can beat that history in the world.


David Rodriguez

Felicidades! maestro, que alegría que aún pueda encontrar especies nuevas


Batako Nochebuena

Muy bonito sr Heiko Bleher este mundo tiene especies ocultas aún, y usted ha sido parte importante de acuarismo saludos desde México


Matteo Noè

Heiko Bleher number one!


Sasa Mandibula

finding new species ist great, but finding such an amazing beautiful fish is stunning, and finding a beautifual AND small fish is one in a million.

Keep looking for more fishes like that and also for those who are not that beautiful at the first sight, at the second view they are georgeous too



Bill Bilden Powell

Heiko you are an amazing Hombre without doubt !!



Bilal Moiz

Heiko Bleher love your collection



Demi Isaac

Heiko Bleher Thank you. You are my biggest inspiration. I talk about you to almost all the groups i go out with and show them your pictures and posts.


Ching Fugupuff Gao

Heiko Bleher thanks for your discoveries. We can now play guessing the fish with your contribution


Rainer Bruns

Bin sozusagen aquaristisch mit Heiko Bleher aufgewachsen. Einer der letzten Großen diese Schlages. Kann mich noch gut auch an die Berichte über seine Expeditionen mit dem Heikomobil erinnern. Da werden Erinnerungen wach aus meiner nunmehr auch schon weit über 40 Jahren dauernden Laufbahn als Aquarianer. Das Blehers Biotope steht nun definitiv auf meiner Wunschliste.


Rocco und seine Hähne

Ich bin begeistert, Heiko Bleher war auch in der DDR bekannt. Er ist wirklich eine Legende. Ich wünsche ihm noch viele Erfolge, an denen wir Aquarianer teilhaben können. Danke Norbert, dass Du ihn eingeladen hast, und danke Heiko, dass Du der Einladung gefolgt bist. Ich bin happy!



Ich habe noch keinmal kommentiert! Aber bei solchen Geschichten und solch einer Legende muss man echt beide hoch machen.


Wolfgang Fuchs

Wie schwer muss es gewesen sein ein Interview mit der Aquaristik legende Heiko Bleher zu bekommen. Super Video!


Fred Feuerstein

Super Video. Heiko Bleher mal wieder zu sehen war schon toll. Sehr kurzweilig und Interessant


Gerald Haller

Ob er des Hutes wegen den Rotkopfsalmler entdeckt hatte ? Cooler Typ ein Original mit bewegtem Leben bin mir sicher das er noch eine weitere Autobiografier schreiben kann wenn er mit der jetzigen fertig ist , bin ir sicher das er noch einiges erleben und entdecken wird


Alexander Adler

Hey Norbert, die Legende der Aquaristik bei dir, hab schon drauf gewartet bis er endlich mal bei dir ist. Du mit ihm auf Expedition? Da wäre ich auch mega gern dabei. Wirklich spannender Film. Hoffe dass es vielleicht noch mehr Filme von euch beide geben wird, eben einfach nur mal drüber reden, über die alten Zeiten. Sowas ist einfach nur Klasse. Oder vielleicht auch mal ein Film wie der Heiko bei dir ein Aquarium einrichtet. Wäre bestimmt auch mega interessant. Gerade auch für Jungaquarianer.



Celal Aksoy

Heiko Bleher çok tesekkür ederim Heiko sende mesle inde 1 numarasın.



Riaj Uddin

Keep up the good work



Matthias Geise

Herr Bleher, eine Legende. Was man alles für die Aquaristik tut, sich selbst Malaria aufhalsen.



Ebiminih Ajih

That’s my boss a wonderful person in the ornamental fish industry.


Rainforest Natures

It’s always encouraging when you are in natures uniquely in action



Howard Vyse



Hola Heiko,solo queria darte la enhorabuena por todo el trabajo que llevas haciendo toda la vida con la naturaleza y sobretodo con los discos mi pasion.te admiro mucho y ojala algun dia pueda conocerte en persona,un fuerte abrazo,mucha salud para ti y para toda tu familia



Jon RaVill

Yo he visto esa conferencia varias veces!! Y aprendí mucho, esta serie de videos vale oro! Me gusto mucho la parte de los biotopos, Gracias maestro! Incluso ahora ya compro más alimento Tropical para mis peces!


Gary Hersch

Amanda is absolutely your best accomplishment ever!!



Kenneth Gordon

Truly amazing Oscar, thank you for sharing. The mass produced cross breeds are a pale shadow of this awesome wild fish.


Flavio Falleroni

Heiko Bleher grazie a te a darci conoscere questi pesci


Gabriella Barrios

Your heart inspires me Sir!


Javier Esteban Colombo

Lindas palabras Heiko Bleher. ojala el ser humano comience a concientizarse de una buena vez!


Kenneth Gordon

Truly amazing Oscar, thank you for sharing. The mass produced cross breeds are a pale shadow of this awesome wild fish.


Babaulti Stripes Caridinacf

Esperamos con ganas su vuelta a España maestro!!! Que pase buena semana, un abrazo!!!


Carlos Nochebuena de Santiago

Desafortunadamente, los gobiernos siguen dando permisos para la mineria,y desforestando para pastizales para el ganado, dando paso a la destrucción del avitad, más todos desechos humanos de polucion, culpo a los gobiernos irresponsables que no mueven un dedo solo buscan sus propios intereses



Robert Kerr Edstrom

The destruction of lakes,river,ponds and oceans hopefully will slow down like you say with constant education. Till then especially in third word countries where providing food for families is paramount, people like you need to save the species from extinction.



He is a researcher, inventor and explorer of the world…. he is the one who found for the first time plant and animal with bleheri surname… echinodorus ammazonia bleheri.. channa bleheri and others…. not many people know him but he is is a true bolang… good health always Mr. heiko bleher


Gianpiero Bosi

Heiko Bleher: One of the most knowledgeable and influential researchers and disseminators of life in freshwater around the globe. One of the founders of Aquarism as a culture of respect and passion for nature. A unique being. Wise, powerful and controversial as few. For me it’s the Maradona of ictiology. A privilege to share some unforgettable experiences with him. Great Heiko! Hope to see you on an upcoming expedition!




Timbo Wolfe

Heiko Bleher thank you for your acknowledgement very truthful your words you speak the Lakota are very special to the Creator as we all are and you sir bring the truth to the world of all the creators beauty that is yet to be discovered the diversity of Aquatic Life carry on and accomplish!



Brad Jackson

Just think

Heiko Bleher you could come to Missouri set up my 300 gal 1100 liter tank for me and we could go collecting native fish around Missouri!



Flavio Falleroni

Bellissimo, si riesce a farli arrivare in Italia? Amo da sempre allevare specie poco conosciute, ti Invidio Heiko. Ciao, complimenti


Slawek Gasiorowski

Great…everything what You do!



Bill Bilden Powell

Heiko you are a very lucky man living the dream my friend !!


Mary Ellen Sweeney

Sometimes you make me think of the “Wild Man of Borneo,” other times, “Tarzan.” Living your bliss is the real life and I wish you a long and trouble-free future, my friend. Some knots were made to be severed and some gently untangled.


Katyusha Zabolotnaya

U R my hero



Caraviotis Jerry

It is amazing what our fish fellow travelers are capable of!!!



Ebiminih Ajih

Wow this another discover fish again by Mr fish himself a wonderful personally in the ornamental fish industry in the world.



Ebiminih Ajih

Heiko Bleher is a wonderful person in the ornamental fish industry travel all the way from Europe to Africa in West Africa Ghana.


Domenico Fonte

Heiko Bleher hai la mia stima e tutta la mia ammirazione



Heiko Bleher

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Pasaran 2000 mil años con un poco de suerte para que vuelva a nacer un hombre como usted que lo a dado todo por los peces del amazonas… Tan perfecto..

Nadien en este mundo y no se si dentro de 2000 mil años mas aparezca otro hombre como usted..

Seguro sera haci sus libros seran vendidos por decadas.. No hay quien haga otro maravilloso trabajo como usted lo esta haciendo..



Oláh István Róbert


Heiko Bleher! Wonderful experiences from your journey! I whish U2!


Michael Wasielak

Heiko Bleher stunning fish! Another amazing discovery for you! 



Andrea Andreas

TOP work Mr Heiko


Marco Mark

Unbelievably awesome



Walter Kelly Crews

Of course, Heiko Bleher you have all over the world for decades discovering new fish species and bringing them to our aquatic life-keeping hobby. Got some Rainbows you discovered.



Tanas Mukoski

Heiko Bleher Indiana Jones, have top girls everytime..i agree fish and plants afection is nothing without hot girls…



Javier Esteban Colombo

Lindas palabras Heiko Bleher.ojala el ser humano comience a concientizarse de una buena vez!



Darcy Donavan

Heiko Bleher You are such a spectacular person! Love and best wishes to you.!



Pier Paolo

Ho provato ha ricreare il lago fwa ma è super impossibile farlo in 5 vetri, e stupendo, ho visto un tuo documentario su questo bellissimo lago su YouTube, e mi sono innamorato dei thoracochromis brauschi! Splendida specie che ho voluto allevare, inizialmente credevo di aver 3 femmine e un maschio, poi uno di loro si è suicidato rimanendo incastrato nella copertura, ora ho scoperto di aver 2 maschi e una femmina, spero di vedere qualcosa e di portare avanti una riproduzione per osservarli meglio.


per le tue ricerche e per i tuoi viaggi. Sappi che ti stimo parecchio. Buon fine settimana anche a te!!



Anthony Wayne

You’re friends on Facebook

See that, vaccinated guest’s only. Senior Cruises?? Fckm. Its starting already

Yep, agreed. you seem like a interesting person with a great life! So All the best to you and yours! Safe travels!




Howard Vyse





You’re welcome Heiko, I live and breath it also. Bringing detailed images from the wild into aquarists living rooms worldwide is something that could never have happened back in the day. Young up and coming fish keepers and seasoned aquarists alike are blessed to have this privilege these days at the touch of a button. When you reach the levels you have throughout your life there will always be a degree of envy and jealousy. Keep up the great work you’re doing.



Tamás Gergácz

Really thank you for the sharing!

And the enthusiasm we can see inspires us all. Thank you also on behalf of science and the hobby.


Alexandru Andrei Rosu

Amazing! We thank you for the view!


Christian Kubitschka

IT is fantastic to See you in full action


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José Guilherme Moreira

Well, you definitely helped me to be a happier man with your work, Heiko Bleher. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon again. Take care.—–

Francesco Marcelli

Sei l’anello tra il presente ed il primordiale



Vincenzo Diaferia

Bella la natura con tutti gli esseri viventi purché si rispetti ogni forma di vita ciao amico ti seguo sempre


Christian Kubitschka

Heiko you have always the best pics….



Omar Trejo Rios

Siempre nos das excelentes noticias.


Adornos Neptuno Acuario

Excellent Job.


Shinichi Okazaki

Heiko Bleher Encounters with unknown fish are accompanied by happiness that cannot be replaced by anything.


Gary Hersch

Fear & Anger do much worse things to people than problems!!



Vincenzo Diaferia

Bellissima la natura che dire!!! Immagini sempre da lasciare senza fiato.Tantissimi


ad Amanda Ciao


Robert Kerr Edstrom

This is a picture from my Amanda asking what is this. So much like me. The genetics coming from you and parents can’t be stopped by anyone. I’m guessing that her interest will follow the Bleher interest. I will enjoy you writing about you and her in New areas netting fish. Just wait till the day she corrects you on a identification. Big time happy Birthday to your Amanda !!



Robert Kerr Edstrom

Wonderful pictures Heiko.

Including your past pictures of native people in native dress.


Kuba Lasota

the world has gone mad. BAN for a completely normal thing .. a picture from life

beautiful photos, great experiences .. thanks for sharing Heiko.


Mike Dc

Heiko Bleher Nice fishes keep up the good work young man I m so proud of yr work beautiful picture .

Thanks for yr contribution to the aquarium trade I see nothing wrong keep up the good work sir.


Robert Kerr Edstrom

Excited to see your finds or should we say preservation of new species.



Ebiminih Ajih

That’s my boss always discover new species for the ornamental tropical fish industry.


Johnny Feng

Thanks Heiko for show us the beautiful fish,Excuse me, have you ever heard of San Felipe Altum?

Keep up yr good work bye sir go to go tks.


Robert Kerr Edstrom

Wonderful pictures Heiko.

Including your past pictures of native people in native dress.



Ebiminih Ajih

A wonderful personal in the ornamental fish industry that is my Boss



Jordi Miguel Gil Alegre

Increible como siempre solo Heiko en accion para llegar a lugares inexplorados.

Mucha fuerza y salut amigo Heiko.



Robert Kerr Edstrom

Nice catch Amanda way to go. Would be a excellant addition to the fish hobby.


Robert Kerr Edstrom

Very cool that Amanda was with you. My Amanda always impresses me with her love of nature and trying to create correct conditions for certain animals to propagate to further its beauty.


Jeff Magnus

Nice job, daddy. You’re making unforgettable memories together! Not to mention the red eyed apisto!


Howard Vyse

Butiful girl who loves her dad.Fish are great to.



Edgardo Matamoros Saballos

Great and unique story Heiko !

Thank you.


Peter Ford

That WHITE man in with all the natives.


Sd Bau

ONE OF THE BEST … MR Heiko Bleher



Wim de Ruijgt

Beautiful as always. Enjoy your weekend



Carlos Nochebuena de Santiago

Que padres fotos ,mucho éxito.


Jeremy Leighty

Thank You for sharing your travels and discoveries


Robert Kerr Edstrom

Nature has so much to offer if we stop and look and don’t destroy.


Jeremy Leighty

Heiko Bleher I’ve been reading your travel stories in Tropical Fish Hobbyist since the 1980s.Its been such an educational journey following your travels.Thank You!!!


Jeremy Leighty

Heiko Bleher Thank You for sharing your travels! I’ll continue to follow them for as long as you continue traveling.


Alain Collado

Honor a quien honor merece gracias maestro por compartir sus investigaciones y hallazgo.



Сергей Елочкин

The book is just super! The best one!

Huge amount of information

It’s a pity that the second volume could not be published in Russian!

This post is also available in: Italian German French Spanish Português

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