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Finally the new book Bleher’s Biotopes – Expeditions to Aquatic Habitats, Aquatic Biotopes in nature, and How to do in Aquaria is available starting Saturday 18 October, 2014 in limited numbers, later more. The book has 460 pages and thousands of photos; it includes the description of about 50 countries and the status of their aquatic environment today, including detailed description of 500plus rivers and lakes with approximately 2500 fish species mentioned and shown (with many new ones), and nearly 500 different aquatic plant names. Bleher mentions also the taxonomic problem of some names and gives GPS data on almost all biotope locations, the years of visit and when he discovered the species and/or introduced it.

This book contains histories and field records of nearly half of Heiko Bleher’s 910 filed trips, shows the worldwide destruction of aquatic habitats – past and present – and records many species extinct in nature because of mans endless pollution, damming, destroying the basis of all life forms: The freshwaters. This book is a timeless document for todays and for future generations; a definite must for anyone who wants to know about aquatic nature past and present.

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66 thoughts on “Bleher’s Biotopes by Heiko Bleher

  1. Roland Zobel Post author

    Hallo Heiko,
    Habe letzte Woche Dein neues Buch bekommen, es ist wirklich fantastisch.
    Gruss Roland

  2. Ray Kingfish Lucas - USA Post author

    Good Evening Heiko I just finished reading your latest Book I enjoyed it a lot, to hear what type of conditions these fishes come from so very cool, Here are some pictures you might enjoy or remember hoping to see them someday in your book.

  3. John Lenagan Post author

    Heiko a magnificent book and great read – it is easy to reference with so much information and for me all the more real for having shared our recent adventure.
    Melbourne, Australia

  4. Adrian Dragos Post author

    I got my signed copy too, thank you Heiko Bleher , and it’s the best book on biotope’s I ever saw and I don’t think another one of this quality and accuracy will ever be printed. In 10-20 years your books Heiko will become the bibles of any fish keepers that want to give their fish a “home” resembling the part of the river/lake that they came from.
    Dublin, Ireland

  5. Maria Marlena Mazurek Post author

    I wish you all Merry Xmas.And in this special time I would like to write few words about someone who is already well known to all of us, This person is Heiko Bleher. A great man, great father, an outstanding individual of the scientific world, the greatest traveller and discoverer of our time, an outstanding expert of fauna and flora of the whole world. Finally he is trully devoted animal friend and defender. I respect him much and he is a guiding light for myself. For us, paludarists and aquarists he is a great authority figure. His travels’ reports and updates are inspirational and thanks to them we are able to see how the landscapes we are recreating in our tanks really look like. I could write lot more however it still wouldn’t be enough, because Heiko Bleher is like „never ending story”

  6. Lutz Floetenmeyer Post author

    You deserved to be happy, you did a lot for it, and still doing. Moments like this are very valuable, you earned it. May your legacy go around the world like to be seen here.
    Flensburg, Germany

  7. Heraldo Francisco Rundie Post author

    ¡ud es un maestro Heiko, muchas generaciones (incluso la nuestra) han aprendido de sus experiencias y viajes, intentaremos que, al menos nuestros hijos imiten ése camino y aprendan sobre la Madre Naturaleza, cómo cuidarla y respetarla ,,, un abrazo a la distancia!!!

  8. Herman Oei Post author

    What you done is very appreciate by millions which you can not see one by one by it happen. Salute for what you have done for our beauty of nature education and for the books that you written.
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  9. Daniel

    This book looks very promising and I’m going to order it. Does it make sense to also buy the two magazines “Bleher’s Biotopes 1 and 2” or is there content include in the book?
    Many thanks.

    1. rossella Post author

      Dear Daniel,
      the two magazines biotope locations biotope not the same as the big book, and the magazines do not have specifically texts and photos of how to do in aquaria. In addition the big book shows the type locality and explains in detail what lives there – everything and near 500 of them.

  10. Tom Austin Post author

    It’s an awesome book. Congratulations Heiko! The stories you have also included are a brilliant read. Thank you my friend.

  11. Julian Grabbson Post author

    This is still my favorite christmas present! Great work! I really enjoy reading it.
    Hamburg, Germany

  12. John Rowe Post author

    Phenomenal book, Heiko…I’m “wading” through it as part of our upstate NY winter…
    New York, USA

  13. Jon Church Post author

    I can lose myself in the pictures for hours. Hoping one day I can go to the amazon myself.
    Chesterfield, UK

  14. Naushad Kazi Post author

    Got my copy back in November also had the privilege of meeting this great man & his work.
    Chicago, USA,

  15. Uygar Sanal Post author

    Every aquarist – especially natural , wild lover and biotopes lovers – should read this book.
    This book is the “Bible of biotopes”.
    Istanbul, Turkey

  16. Paweł Zarzyński Post author

    Heiko thank you very much for your new book I received last week. It’s really impressive and I’m going to prepare a big rewieve in next issue of Magazyn Akwarium.

  17. Altum Orinoco, Enrico Post author

    … come sempre il libro e’ stupendo!!! e lo custodiro’ gelosamente cosi come faccio per tutti gli altri! mi piace perché curato nei minimi dettagli!
    Roma, Italy

  18. Charles Peyton

    We ordered this book on Jan. 18 but haven’t yet received it. We live in the US. Can you help? thanks

    1. rossella Post author

      your order was shipped January 22 but in this form (MBag economy) you can not track the shipment. I’m sorry.
      Wait another week and possibly let me know.

  19. Richard Post author

    Natasha, Rossella, Heiko,
    I just wanted to say thank you, I received my books on Friday.
    Heiko thank you for your kind words and replying about the fish I asked about. I have plans for future nano aquaria so this was really useful. The books are amazing.
    Please if you could let me know of any future publications.

  20. Marcus Beilman Post author

    Just received your Biotope book in the mail today! It’s absolutely beautiful. I love all the pictures and great text, very well put together. Thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done over the years putting something like this together.
    Wisconsin, Washington County, USA

  21. Flávio Lima

    Yes, I received it, I forgot to thank you!! Excellent book, by the way… a great reading. I read with special interest your trips to Mozambique… it is a country that I would like to explore ichthyologically someday…
    Riberrao Peto, Brazil

  22. Gerry Allen Post author

    Dear Heiko,
    I went to the museum today and found a wonderful surprise – a copy of your book “Bleher’s Biotopes”. Thanks so much for sending the book and also for including photos and stories of our early adventures in New Guinea (and also the more recent Aru trip). This brings back some great memories for sure. The book is fantastic and a wonderful tribute to your exciting life of fish collecting. The number of places you have visited is staggering and I know the places mentioned in the book is only the tip of the iceberg. It makes me realize my own freshwater universe, Australia and New Guinea, is so tiny compared to yours. There is an extraordinary amount of fish knowledge in the pages of this book. Thanks again for this great gift.
    Best wishes,
    Perth, Australia

  23. Jeremy Gay - UK Post author

    Dear Heiko,
    I like your book very much and would like to get a review of it published in PFK. This I should be able to do.
    It is refreshing to see so many different African biotopes in the book, when so many others just do one generic west African biotope and it is invariably wrong.

  24. Jon Church - UK Post author

    If you into biotopes then look no further! Beautiful pictures and books at great affordable prices. Super quick delivery as well.

  25. Jacek Ambrożkiewicz Post author

    Dear Heiko,
    Congratulations my friend the book is great smile emoticon you were only one to write such book in the whole world smile emoticon great great job worth every cent I spend smile emoticon take care.

  26. Lawrence Kent Post author

    Thank you Heiko Bleher for the lovely message you inscribed in my copy of Bleher’s Biotopes, which arrived at my home two days ago in a big green sack, sealed by the Italian Postal Service. I am thoroughly enjoying this amazing book, especially the stories from Nigeria of four decades ago! Wow, fantastic and amazing!
    New York, USA

  27. Post author

    Books like this are a dream come true. The best source material out there for designing your own biotope aquariums! Huge amount of information from biotopes in south and central America, Asia, Africa, and Australasia areas.

  28. Reinhard Eheim Post author

    Sehr geehrter Hr. Bleher,

    nochmals vielen Dank für das ausgesprochen gelungene Buch „ Bleher’s Biotopes“. Ich habe Ihr Buch durchgesehen und bin fasziniert von den schönen Photos und den Texten – das ist Ihr Lebenswerk!
    Man erkennt die mühsame Arbeit und die Liebe, die in diesem Buch steckt.
    Stuttgart, Germany

  29. Friend Post author

    Dear Heiko Bleher, Thank you so much for your autographed books. I love reading about your worldwide aquatic explorations and adventures. Through your richly informative books, I am awed by your amount of knowledge and experience with discus and aquatic fish. I will definitely recommend your books to anybody who has the passion for aquatic fish and planted biotopes. I hope one day I will be able to join you on one of your wildlife aquatic biotopes explorations! Wishing you all the best!

  30. Alex Carslaw Post author

    Feeling ill but this is helping. So much valuable information on rainbowfish. Thank you for the kind message Heiko Bleher. If you ain’t got Bleher’s Biotopes go buy it, you won’t regret it.

  31. Sandy Moore, Segrest Farms Inc. Post author

    Love, love, love the book. I’ve shown it to everyone but took it home because I’m jealously guarding it.
    Florida, USA

  32. Zenin Skomorowski · 11 mutual friends Post author

    Hey, I took that photo wink emoticon. Thank you Heiko, your Biotope book is awesome smile emoticon

  33. Renold Capocasale Post author

    I refer to Bleher’s Biotopes all the time. It is a wonderful resource !
    Philadelphia, USA

  34. Tom Halvorsen Post author

    It is a great book, I really enjoy reading it and find myself pick it from my bookshelf again and again. Same with your Discusbooks, which are great books for everyone interested in all things aquatic, nature, history….great work!
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

  35. Alex Carslaw Post author

    Its going to take me a long time to read Heiko Bleher, so much information. Its the Holy Grail in hardback wink emoticon Happy new year to you and yours my friend and all the best for 2016.
    Cumbernauld, UK

  36. Adrian Dragos Post author

    I’m not surprised Heiko Bleher. I know how much hard work you had to do in gathering all the information that’s in this book and all your other publications.
    Dublin, Ireland

  37. Gennadiy Mir Post author

    One of the greatest aquarium and nature books I own. Incredible information. I strongly recommend it.

  38. Pawel Zarzynski Post author

    Dear Heiko, I was finished to read your BLEHER’S BIOTOPES book. I’m sure you’ve already heard it many times but its really wonderful and amazing. Nobody has been written something like this before and I’m pretty sure nobody will in the future. Reading your fascinating book I started to think about the possibility of translation it to Polish. In Poland biotope aquarium become more and more popular and in my opinion many people would like to buy it, especially if it would be printed in Polish. Of course I would be honored to translate it. It would be a huge work but I’m sure the book is worth it.
    Warsow, Poland

  39. Andrea Guerra · 2 mutual friends Post author

    Great book (as usual for your book) Heiko!!
    Rome – Italy

  40. Zenin Skomorowski · 11 mutual friends Post author

    I have my copy here in Canada … you signed it for me at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza last November … Thank you smile emoticon
    Ontario, Canada

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