Bleher’s Discus – Volume 2


Discus Breeding – The First Breeders – Dr Schmidt-Focke’s Work – Breeders Of The Last 60 Years – Summary Of Discus Breeding – Discus Variants In Aquaria Worldwide – The Latest Cultivated Forms & Sports – New Wild-caught Forms & Collecting Sites

Bleher’s Discus Volume 2 – a Monograph

The second part of this comprehensive work on the genus Symphysodon In this volume Heiko Bleher documents the entire history of discus breeding – from its first beginnings to the start of 2011 – in finest detail, illustrated with over 4000 photos and with a special foreword by Jack Wattley.
Chapter 6 features a previously unpublished manuscript by Eduard Schmidt-Focke (1913-1998), to whom the book is dedicated posthumously. “The Doctor” is universally regarded as the father of modern discus breeding, as many – if not the majority – of the cultivated forms that exist today originate from him. His forms are documented in text and pictures, from his early days right through the end.


  Discus varieties created by Dr. Schmidt-Focke


The same chapter also immortalises other pioneers of discus breeding worldwide, their history and achievements, as well as modern discus breeders all over Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Antipodes. And, of course, in Asia, nowadays the “capital” of discus breeding; all the cultivated forms have been researched in detail, revealing the ancestry of the so-called Pigeon Blood and the other multitudinous variants and sports, often with “fantasy names”. More than 700 breeders from 50 countries are included, with details of their set-ups, methods, secrets, and tricks – the vast majority hitherto unpublished anywhere in the world.


Unique macro-photography



Presentation of 400 discus breeders from 50 countries


 … and their breeding and selection secrets


Introduction to the Discus scene in such countries as Iran, Uzbekistan, South Africa, etc.


Discus diet 


The documentary on Discus Competitions in many countries


Tradition and culture


Discus import stations worldwide

The chapter concludes with a detailed and easy to understand overview of the optimal breeding methods for both wild-caught discus and cultivated forms, based on the author’s extensive knowledge accumulated over several decades.


Important advices

Chapter 7 presents the discus variants cultivated worldwide, with details of their breeders, in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia, and includes the latest cultivated forms and new wild-caught variants discovered since the publication of volume 1 in 2006.



The book concludes with the latest information on the classification of cultivated forms, plus updates on taxonomy and distribution.



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3 thoughts on “Bleher’s Discus – Volume 2

  1. 28 Comments Post author

    Chris I appreciate that. I wasnt knocking your foods at all.. I own both Heiko Bleher discus books at considerable expense and have read both from cover to cover many times. The section in book one on discus diet is the best research material available and i fully understand the diets of all three species of discus. Although the diet im currently feeding my fish is not 100% true to nature i feel that it is far closer to the discus’s natural food source than beefheart based products.
    Steven Chester, UK – 20 July 2012

    Dear Heiko,
    I received your books and the magazine in very good order.
    I can only imagine the amount of work and love that has gone into the books.
    The one regret I have is that I should have asked you to kindly autograph your books before sending to me.
    Hopefully, we will meet some time in the future and I will then request you to autograph the books.
    With warm regards
    Mathews Simon, USA – 04 May 2012

    Finally!! Got your book through Sujoy… Amazing compendium… — Nagendra Saraf posted a photo to your Wall.
    Nagendra Saraf, India – 27 December 2011

    Very happy with this years presents 🙂 Merry Christmas Heiko, keep the books coming, they are superb!
    Steven Chester, UK – 25 December 2011

    Thank you Heiko.Your Amazon description is ever an inspiration.
    Vigo, Spain – 23 December 2011

    Hello Sir Bleher,
    Let me send you this little message to congratulate you on your books : Le Bleher Discus”.
    I bought a volume on the anniversary of my grandfather. We are both passionate about the fish and have found in your book of valuable information.
    We want to thank you for your research and hope you have many more books to write. Thank you again.
    I wish you happy holidays and happy new year,
    Benjamin Chauvet – 23 December 2011
    Ps : Sorry for my English approximate.

    “Hello Heiko just received your book Bleher,s Discus vol 2 and it looks fantastic, will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks or so reading it.
    (It was a birthday present from my wife Susan)
    Thank you”
    Pete Daniels, California, USA – 04 August 2011

    Good afternoon Heiko,
    Im sure at thhe moment you are very busy but first thankyou for the book and signing it for me also the advice which you gave my tank and my discus have me bursting with pride they are so happy in and out of wood blowing the sand amazing. All but one thing could you please recommend a floating plant that will spread but does not turn into duckweed?
    Thank you sir I will as promised send you pictures when I get some good floating plant
    Bruce Raymond – 18 July 2011

    Thanks mr Heiko.By the way your new book is a Best Seller.Well done!!!!!!!
    hehehheheeeee.thats very nice.
    I love discus I love Nature I love Heiko Bleher and his books!!!!!
    Congratulations, Nature at its best.
    Peris Kotsiropoulos, Athens, Greece – 09 July 2011

    your book is very good.
    Shuichi Watanabe, Nagoy, Japan – 02 July 2011

    Dear Mr Bleher
    Today I received the Bleher’s Discus Volume 2 16 books by m-bag. Really thank you very much for your cooperation. I think that this book is discus bible for all discus mania and concerning persons in the world.
    One more time say to you “Grazie Mille”
    Best regards
    Heekon Choi, Seoul, Korea – 16 June 2011

    The Bleher’s discus excellent books. I love the books!
    Northwest Coast Discus, Nanaimo, B. C. Canada – 13 June 2011

    Dear Heiko
    I loved your Bleher’s Discus vol 2, and I hope to come to Napoliaquatica in September to meet you and buy the vol1!
    Matteo Francesino, Italy – 09 June 2011

    Dear Heiko
    Just wanted to say congratulations on your new volume on Discus, and thank you again for your kind advice and introductions at Aquarama. I always enjoy your fascinating stories, and am now working my way through your articles in the complete set of Aqua Geo – fantastic stuff on Waigeo, I would love to make a biotope display based on that. It really means a lot to me to have the chance to make this hobby I adore into something I will dedicate my life to. I still have much to learn. I hope to catch up with you either in England or perhaps at some other event like Interzoo, and hopefully some expeditions too.
    Warm regards
    Michael Salter, Saudi Arabia – 09 June 2011

    Thanks a lot for your reply.You area living legend for all of us and we want to thank you that you brought us a step up to our beloved hobby!
    Κουτσαγγελίδης Μάνος, Athens, Greece – 01 June 2011

    Dear Mr. Bleher,
    Mr. Ogrodnik was yesterday in office after his business trips. I had the possibility to show him your new books. He was very impressed. He liked it very much and Mr. Ogrodnik does hope that your book will convince many people to aquaristic and for others will provide with many new and important information.
    Best regards,
    Tropical Tadeusz Ogrodnik, Izabela Czuchra, Poland – 31 May 2011

    Hello Mr. Bleher,
    I have received my signed copy of your new Discus Bible from Paul Lucas and have had a quick look through, and found the section where I was mentioned[ thank you very much for the mention] , I also saw the section where Steve Long from Zimbabwe was mentioned, and an up-date on that is the last I heard from him was about 8 years ago, he was moving to South Africa with terminal Cancer and a few months to live and since then I have not heard anything from him or about him. He was the first person I got my first discus from and I learnt a lot from him- Collecting wild Daphnia[ from the Upper Umguza dam] and fresh blood worm from the sewage works that my dad worked at, I learnt a lot about wilds from him and how to set-up water from the only source in Bulawayo which was the local ‘Power Station’ which produced a lot od De-ionised water and you then had to add tap water to this and then leave the water to stand[ with an air stone running] to clear any chlorine, but you could get as much as you wanted/needed. He also had a shop in Bulawayo town centre called ‘Discus Den’ , where he sold all sorts of tropical fish and always a free cup of coffee and an ear to listen and advise you. Thanks You again for the signed copy of the new book and I will keep in contact.
    Best Regards
    Mike Aveley, UK – 28 May 2011

    I love your Discusfish book! I love your pictures and your website! Thank you for your wonderful work!
    Joe Ranger, Oregon, USA – 24 May 2011

    Dear Heiko
    Thank you very much for sending the volume 2 of the Discus book, which arrived in good order, and with a fine dedication. That is a lovely photo of you and Amanda Flora on p. 673!
    The reports from particular countries are particularly interesting, and it strikes me again, how much material you must have also to write the history of all the personalities in the aquarium hobby.
    With best regards
    Sven O. Kullander, Stockholm – 20 May 2011

    “Hallo Heiko, Desire to congratulate him on his magnificent book “Bleher Discus” (I take the IInd), I have just stopped reading it … it is an excellent book!!!, congratulation, it has realized an excellent work. Many regards for Natasha and Amanda Flora. I had the pleasure of knowing him in Madrid, last March 12, received him at his arrival to the Hotel Carlton. Best regards”
    Ángel Arroba, Madrid, Spain – 17 May 2011

    “I started reading your book, but it takes a long time………. you done very goob job ! ! !”
    Marco Vecchione, Pavia, Italy – 17 May 2011

    Dear Heiko,
    By the way I want to give you my congratulations for your book. I started reading it and it is very interesting. I’m sure that i can learn many more things from it…
    Nidal Rezeq, Athens, Greece – 16 May 2011

    Hello, Mr Bleher! I received my book!! (the Bleher’discus book 2) It’s very instructive and I noticed you have a good sens of humor! Great job!
    Mélodie Courchesne, France –15 May 2011

    “Thank you. Its excellent book”
    Mustafa Güneş, Turkey – 14 May 2011

    Hello Heiko
    Thank you Heiko for your GREAT vol.2 and of course for your great comments that you signed for me. …
    Bruce Bohler, France – 01 May 2011

    Thank you Heiko for your GREAT vol.2 and of course for your great comments that you signed for me.
    Nick Baviolis, Athens, Greece – 30 April 2011

  2. Mario Bogdan Post author

    I love this book,many many information, pictures, explanations … worth every €

  3. Günter Wagenbrenner Post author

    Den gezeigten Fisch kenne ich nicht Heiko Bleher aber du machst so Unendlich viel für uns Aquarianer alleine die Bücher ,,Bleher Diskus Band 1,, und ,,Bleher Diskus Band 2 ,,wer die Bücher hat braucht keine andere Diskus Bücher, dafür einfach nur mal Danke sagen auch einen lb. Gruß an Natascha
    Nuernberg, Germany

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