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The 2nd Aquatic Experience in Chicago 7-9 November 2014 was an almost incredible success with an increase of nearly 30% of visitors, almost 5000. This aquatic show, which Heiko Bleher was invited again to give a lecture and also to be asked questions, is surely now the highlight in America in regards to aquarium shows. It is a show to grow, to improve the knowledge and correct understanding of aquatic live forms, to young and old. And it is really predestined to become what once was Aquarama in Singapore for the world: The prime aquarium show and conference on the planet. Aquapress, as well as Heiko Bleher are determined to continue fully with their support worldwide, as from the beginning of this unique event. See some pictures and comments from the past here, and for the upcoming 2015 event at their website:

Below some pictures:

01-0955_Norway 2014

02-0970_Norway 2014

During the preparations there were aquariums decorated all around the giant hall, all with detailed information written up and the Florida Tropical Fish Farmers, the largest worldwide, made a tremendous educational display.

03-0940_Aquatic Experience-Chicago 2014 03A_Norway 2014

There took place a Live Aquascaping Contest, and Ted Judy made a beautiful, very natural nana-tank with live Acrostichum a plant my mother introduced in the late 1950 worldwide for aquaria, although it is called leather swamp fern, and the genus members are commonly being found in swamps, but rarely seen in aquaria today.

04_Norway 2014 05_Norway 2014 05A_Norway 2014 06_Norway 2014

The Kid’s Aquarium Contest was another great incentive to bring youngsters to compete and get prizes and everyone was able to take their prized tanks for free back home. I loved the ‘Natural’ 1st Place done by a 13 year old (but cannot care about the unnatural one…). Whole school classes came like that from the Stratton Elementary and all signed the Little Fishes Poster.

07_Norway 2014 08_Norway 2014 09_Norway 2014

There was also for the first time something like a biotope contest, of which my preferred one was the top tank. And a stronghold of European plant and fish pioneers, as well as shrimpers and aquascapers where all present this time (including Heiko Bleher…). Even the owner of Anubias in Italy, Mauricio with Rita came.

10_Norway 2014 11_Norway 2014JPG

 There was a Touch Tank with information on do’s and don’ts; a fantastic pond Aquascape …

12_Norway 2014 13_Norway 2014 15_Norway 2014

 … and the top aquatic conferences from around the globe with an amazing amount of speakers, no seen anywhere else on the planet.

16_Norway 2014

The world famous Hikari fish food company did a beautiful WIN A BET contest for (mainly) children if they hit a ball into a fish glass they could take it home together with a live Betta

17_Norway 2014 17A_Norway 2014 18_Norway 2014 18A_Norway 2014

There were hundreds of stand of the most famous in the aquatic Industry represented, such as Any Schmidt (who is the originator of the Aquatic Experience idea), here together with the famous Ray Lucas, and Heiko Bleher (upper), as well as Lance and his Python stand with a computerized talking snake; and David from Kordon.

19_Norway 2014 19A_Norway 2014

Gary the owner of ZOOMED, here with Heiko, another amazing worldwide company saving your fish with their unique products and keeping them healthy and none-stop supporting Aquapress and their publications with adverts…

20_Norway 2014

There were several displays of the frontiers of our ornamental fishes, where they live and which species …

21_Norway 2014 21A_Norway 2014

There was a meeting for the STATE OF THE AQUATIC INDUSTRY in the Town Hall.

22_Norway 2014 22A_Norway 2014 22B_Norway 2014

And meeting with old and new friends, fantastic people from all over the world…

23_Norway 2014JPG

… and some children came, wanted signature and information, which is the biggest reward for me, if I encounter youngsters eager to learn about nature – our eternal teacher … Thank you guys.

24_Norway 2014

And thank you Chris Clevers and you kind wife, as well as you great staff to inviting me all the time, as well as big Thank You to the committee and the great WPA.

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