Aqua-Fisch 2007

Germany – Friedrichshafen, 1-3 March 2007

ImageThe most important aquaristic show in South Germany: The AQUA-FISCH takes place every year and is organized by Norbert Zajac. Almost 35 000 visitors came in 2007 and appreciated Heiko´s new biotope aquarium.




Aquapress stand with two authentic biotope aquariums. The aquariums were supplied by Zajac,

the decoration and fishes by Heiko Bleher. 


Image  Image

Heiko’s authentic biotope here above represents the edge of a small Limpopo affluent in Mozambique.

The decoration is exactly as he saw it in nature and the Cichlids from that biotope started

immediately to spawn (left). The female took the eggs in her mouth and the dark colored male

applied its sperm into the females mouth (right)


This is – even the color of the water – an authentic Sofia Valley biotope from Papua New Guinea.

In it are found Pseudomugil furcatus, Melanotaenia rubrastriata var. and Tateurndina occelicauda.


Biotope aquarium at the Juwel stand with “Back to Nature” background. 


A group of Royal Blue and Solid Turkis discus with swordplants in the background and Vallisneria.


Colorful discus – wild and tankbreed variants – this combinations should not be done! 


Two beautiful discus


Kölle Zoo and Tetra stand

Image Rolf C. Hagen stand at AQUA-FISCH


The part of the exhibition hall occupied by the Ailinger Aquarium Society Multicolor


The president of the Aquarienverein Multicolor Ailingen e.v. Horst Rödel together with Natasha and Heiko

at Gasthof “Adler” in Ailingen, near Friedrichshafen and the AQUA-FISCH.

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