New Classification for Tank-Bred Discus

 ImageSuggested by Heiko Bleher at the First World Discus Congress during Napoli Aquatica 2010, which was recognized by the 10 – possibly the most recognized – discus judges world-wide.

This 16-page catalogue gives all the details of the history of tank-bred discus since the first classification done by Heiko Bleher in 1984, updated by Heiko Bleher and Manfred Göbel in 1992 (DISCUS). This new – the third international classification – was recognized and signed by Christian Pedone (organizer of the First World Discus Congress, the Napoli Aquatica 2010 and the upcoming 2011 event), Jeffrey Tan (Malaysia), Andrew Soh (Singapore), Patriz Hilsenbeck (Germany), Sergey Goryushkin (Russia), Sebastiano Solano, Carmelo Aricò, and Rosario Curcio (Italy), and Heiko Bleher, on 24 September, 2010. It is now available in a separate 16-page printed form but also in the new book Bleher’s Discus volume 2 (therefore the cover photo).


It shows all details of the 8 to 9 categories, what one has to look out for during selection, the details of their pattern and how to call and group each discus correctly. This is for the first time since 1992, that each interested (discus)person can classify his discus correctly and at championships the organizers can establish the correct categories to be judged in order for judges to have no more difficulties to classify each discus correctly in its correct class.

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